Fundacin Talgo and FUNDACIN JUAN XXIII are committed to promoting the social and professional inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities

Fundacin Talgo and FUNDACIN JUAN XXIII are committed to promoting the social and professional inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities

FUNDACIN JUAN XXIII and Fundacin Talgo signed this Wednesday February 24 a collaboration agreement to work together for the professional integration of people with intellectual disabilities. More specifically, through the program “ Reinvent yourself with Juan ”, a project that aims to increase the employability of people with intellectual disabilities who find themselves in a situation of ERTE or total suspension of employment due to the COVID crisis 19.

Even before the pandemic, employment data for people with developmental disabilities was worrying. According to a study by the ONCE Foundation, only 29% of people with disabilities had a job and 61% of employees had been in the company for less than a year. In addition, only 6% remain in the same entity for more than 3 years.

To these data which, without a doubt, have already created great insecurity and uncertainty for these people, is added the difficult current situation. Another ONCE study on the impact of COVID 19 on people with disabilities reveals that 42% of companies that have workers of this profile in their workforce have performed ERTEs, with 37% of those affected by some type of disability. In fact, the employment situation of the disabled population is so complicated that 31.1% are at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

In this context, it is now more important than ever to support these people and focus on practical training, which allows them to update the experience of these people and stimulate their cognitive development to increase their chances. employment.

Gabriel Novela, Managing Director of Fundacin Talgo, present at the signing of the agreement, stressed that “we are living through serious events which are a source of anxiety, worry and sadness, both personally and professionally” . In addition, he also added that “it is a priority objective to give the possibility to those who need it most to access quality training, as indicated in Goal 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. United, which leads to having easier access to decent employment ”.

It should also be noted that, for workers with disabilities, employment is a fundamental pillar of their self-esteem, as it is one of their main means of social integration. The commitment of the two entities therefore involves improving the quality of life of many people, by training them to acquire professional skills allowing them to have a broader professional profile.

Thanks to “ Reinvent yourself with Juan ”, which will last one year, the professional profile of people with intellectual disabilities will be updated through theoretical-practical training in a real work context, to increase their performance skills in different positions and the consolidation of the capacities they already have. In addition, the profiles of these people will be relaxed to meet the needs of the company, taking into account their ability to adapt to the new position and their learning potential to acquire new technical, social and professional skills.

For his part, Mar Muoz, Fundraising Director of FUNDACIN JUAN XXIII, thanked Talgo for his commitment to the social and professional inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, stressing that “it is thanks to the support of the commercial fabric as of the entities We can continue to work for the inclusion of all. In this case, the commitment of the Talgo Foundation will allow 15 people to be reinstated in professions different from those they started ”.

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