Fundación Grupo SIFU and Fundacin la Caixa promote online training for people with functional diversity

Fundación Grupo SIFU and Fundacin la Caixa promote online training for people with functional diversity

The Grupo SIFU Foundation and the “la Caixa” Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the improvement of the employability of disabled people served by the social and professional integration program Incorpora, giving them access to its accessible training platform .

Thanks to this initiative, users with the functional diversity of the collaborating entities of the Incorpora program will be able to enter this virtual training space in which all the content has been adapted for easy reading and the videos include a sign language interpreter, the sub -titling and audio to promote their learning. The courses are based on an interactive methodology, which allows people with disabilities to take advantage of the learned content to improve in their daily work and continue to progress in their professional career.

The Grupo SIFU Foundation will ensure the development and dynamization of the program, its dissemination, monitoring and supervision of the training of participating students and will provide support to users who encounter an incident during its execution. It is estimated that throughout the year, it will supervise 800 people with functional diversity.

The latest data released by INE for 2019 indicates that the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 23.9%. In addition, the economic crisis caused by the impact of COVID-19 further affects this group, which sees its employment opportunities diminished, as well as the possibility of vocational training.

The collaboration agreement is aligned with the goals of the two foundations to create a more just, inclusive, egalitarian and diverse society and with the achievement of SDG 1: end global poverty in all its forms.

Thus, Incorpora of the “la Caixa” Foundation offers companies a free service of advice and support to facilitate the integration into their workforce of people with disabilities or in vulnerable situations, such as young people at risk of exclusion, victims of gender-based violence., Long-unemployed and ex-term prisoners, among others, which, in turn, strengthens the social responsibility of these companies. And, for its part, the SIFU Group Foundation promotes and encourages the social and professional integration of people with functional diversity through various actions and programs that it carries out throughout the year.

For Cristian Rovira, vice-president of Grupo SIFU, signing an agreement of this magnitude with Fundacin “la Caixa” “is a step forward, because we are living in a complex moment in which to arrive at fairer and more balanced scenarios, he We have to bet on co-creation projects. In addition, we are united by the same DNA and the same commitment and we deeply admire his social trajectory “.

According to Marc Simn, Deputy Director General of the “la Caixa” Foundation, “with the Grupo Sifu Foundation, we share the commitment to contribute to the consolidation of a more equitable society, which encourages us to always work with the most more vulnerable. in mind, like people with functional diversity. Our support for the personal development of this group is unconditional through initiatives like Incorpora, because we know that professional inclusion is the first stone of social inclusion ”.

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