Fundae and SEPE facilitate access to free digital skills training resources

Fundae and SEPE facilitate access to free digital skills training resources

The State Foundation for Employment Training (Fundae) and the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) have established a framework for collaboration with companies in our country in order to make available to workers , in particular those belonging to SMEs and the unemployed, training content that allows free adaptation to current needs resulting from technological and digital change.

Today, the “Fundacin Generation Spain” has joined this initiative, making available to workers the training resource “Java Web Program”, with which they can acquire the technical and professional skills necessary for work as a Java Web programmer. . This online training, with specific hours and live sessions with the instructor, is available statewide. A program with an innovative methodology that involves companies from the content design phase. In addition, the program includes an employability module and graduate monitoring to ensure their integration into the workforce.

To date, 23 collaboration agreements have been signed with large companies, which are part of the “DIGITALZATE” space, from which we facilitate the distribution and access to digital skills training and where to date we have exceeded one million visits from people interested in new job opportunities.

At Fundae and SEPE, we want to ensure, through training, that no one gives up on progress in their professional life and therefore, we work every day so that you can improve your professional career.

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