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How to improve training and specialization in the food sector: Fundesem’s latest commitment

The Fundesem business school, together with Mercalicante, is committed to promoting the training and specialization of professionals in the food sector through a collaboration agreement. The agreement will strengthen and expand the training offer for workers in food industry companies, as well as offer its employees scholarships in the school’s specialization programs and promote the dissemination of its job portal.

The collaboration agreement was sealed this morning at the facilities of the food cluster during a meeting attended by the Managing Director of Fundesem, Ismael Navarro and the Managing Director of Mercalicante, Dolores Meja. The agreement will be valid for one year which can be extended for the same periods.

Fundesem and Mercalicante have agreed, with this firm, to jointly organize and develop a series of conferences with experts and professionals from different sectors that will allow companies in the food complex to visualize new lines of commercial action in addition to have specialized training for their models. . For this reason, both entities will give up their spaces for the celebration of these programs.

On the other hand, Fundesem has made available to Mercalicante a series of scholarships and bonuses that will allow their companies to access the specialization programs taught at the business school, such as masters, executive courses and postgraduate courses in the various fields. required by businesses, such as administration, tax and labor advice, logistics management or digital marketing, among others.

The axes of the agreement also include the promotion of employability within the companies of the cluster, whose job offers included in the job portal will be directed towards different groups in order to find the profiles requested by the cluster. Likewise, the student body of Fundesem will also have the opportunity to carry out its academic internships in the Mercalicante business environment.

“It is essential and fundamental to focus on training to continue to be at the forefront of the sector in an increasingly competitive environment. Access to specialized programs with specific content will allow us to improve the training of professionals in our sector, strengthening the talents therein ”, underlined Meja.

For his part, the Managing Director of Fundesem, Ismael Navarro, stressed that it was essential to continue to focus on collaborative leadership and to create alliances and collaborations with different entities and sectors of the province. “With this collaboration, from Fundesem we want to support the professional development of profiles of the food sector through updated programs adapted to the changing environment in which we are immersed”, concluded Navarro.

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