furcifer voeltzkowi chameleon rediscover: bizarre chameleon showing 107 years in his own “ house ”, scientist so happily swinging – german scientists rediscover furcifer voeltzkowi chameleon last seen over a century ago in madagascar

German researchers from the African country of Madagascar have found a unique chameleon after 107 years. The name of this chameleon is Furcifer voeltzkowi. This chameleon was not seen after the year 1913. The forests of Madagascar were its natural home. This species of chameleon gives to children during the rainy season and they grow up very quickly.

A research article by Frank Gla was published in the Salamandra German Journal on the chameleon. A team of German researchers went to Madagascar. Meanwhile, he saw this chameleon. The report states that our discovery took place between March 25 and April 3, 2018. Our team visited the Mahajanga region in northwestern Madagascar. In her females, colors begin to appear in unique patterns in front of male chameleons, during pregnancy or even under stress.

The life of these chameleons is very short and that is why this chameleon has been extinct for many decades. One of the reasons for this is that this region of Madagascar cannot be visited during the rainy season. The roads are interrupted and the routes to get there are closed. It is the sixth species of this genus that has been included in the world’s most wanted extinct species and has now been traced.

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