Future b-21 bombers: super-powerful US nuclear bomber B-21 ready to fly, not even Russian-Chinese radars will be able to pick it up

The United States is rapidly modernizing its strategic bomber fleet amid tensions with Russia and China. Meanwhile, reports are coming that construction of two bombers of the B-21 Rider, being built to beat the world’s most advanced air defense system, has been completed. The United States claims that this bomber cannot even be detected by the radar of the Russian defense system S-400. Two separate flying wings were also installed for the test flight of these two bombers. It is also claimed that the withdrawal plan for the B-2 bombers will not be taken into account until the B-21 pilot has obtained the Final Operation Clearance (FOC). After this news, doubts arise about the shortage of planes in the American bomber fleet? Because a month ago, all the planes were grounded in view of the oil leak from the engine of the B-1B.

Revealed at US Senate Armed Committee meeting

This update on the B-21 program arrived at the House Armed Services Committee hearing a day earlier. This committee holds review meetings related to US Army, Air Force, and Navy weapons. During this meeting, Darlene Costello, Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics for the Air Force, revealed that the first two B-21s are now ready at Plant 42 in Palmdale, in California. In the original plan, this plane was ready for its maiden flight at the end of 2021. It was then assumed that the program would suffer delays due to the coronavirus pandemic and lack of funds. The US Air Force has not revealed exactly what it will do with the two brand new B-21 bombers. Nonetheless, it is speculated that soon their in-depth ground tests will be launched. Apart from this, training will also be provided to simulation pilots.

America manufactures 21 B-21 bomber units for testing

According to the contract for the B-21, it is planned to manufacture 21 planes in the first phase. In fact, the US Air Force wants to quickly test the B-21 aircraft at all scales. For that, a greater number of planes will be necessary. He said building the stealth bomber of the future is a complex undertaking and we want to make sure that no one is left behind on our side. A few months later, the first flight of the B-21 will also be carried out. The US Air Force will soon finalize the contract for the construction of the hangar and maintenance facilities for the aircraft’s operating base. It is not yet decided which air base it will be deployed to. The project was due to be delayed due to the Corona virus outbreak, but now the Air Force has said all preparations are being made according to the predetermined schedule.

New B-21 nuclear bomber will look like B-2 Spirit

In an interview with Air Force Magazine, Randall G. Walden, director of the Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO), said the first pilot, the B-21, would look like a bomber. By early 2022, Northrop Grumman Corporation will develop engine testing, taxi testing and other necessary ground facilities in Palmdella, California. A few months later, the first flight of the B-21 bomber would be carried out. Preparations are underway to test it at Edwards Air Force Base in California. After which the 420th Flight Test Squadron will take over the aircraft for further testing. He also said that we are preparing to test this aircraft to the last limit. It will have the most advanced stealth function in the world, which cannot be detected by any radar in the world. Once all test results are released, orders will be placed for mass production shortly thereafter.

B-21 bomber will be able to fire nuclear bombs

The B-21 bomber will be capable of attacking with nuclear warheads in addition to conventional weapons. It will also use Lockheed Martin’s avionics, apertures and some of the sensors installed in the F-35. The B-21 bomber will be capable of carrying a payload of up to 13,607 kg. Much of this will come from internal fuel. While the remaining part will have bombs and missiles. Let us tell you that this aircraft will be smaller and less heavy than the American B-2 Spirit. However, due to its small size, radars will not be able to detect it easily.

What is the difference between the B-21 Bomber and the B-2 Spirit

Visually, the B-2 Spirit and the B-21 bomber are almost identical. The biggest difference between these two is their size and modernity. The B-21 will be the most advanced technology aircraft in the world, while the B-2 is now obsolete. China also copied the American B-2 Spirit and manufactured the H-20 stealth bomber. The width of the wings of the B-2 is 172 feet while the width of the wings of the B-21 will be less than 150 feet. The B-2 can take off with a load of up to 27,215 kg at a time, while the B-21 will only be able to lift 13,607 kg. However, the B-21 will be so deadly that with the help of aerial refueling, it will be able to attack anywhere in the world without stopping.

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