G7 countries on China: G-7 countries on China

China has been accused of spreading the corona virus outbreak. At the G-7 summit in Britain, member countries also demanded a new study to find out the origin of the virus. China’s role in this was also investigated earlier and the World Health Organization team was sent to China, but they did not receive full data. A statement was also released on the allegations of human rights violations against China during the summit.

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The G-7 countries demanded in their statement that a transparent, science-based investigation be conducted in time by WHO experts to uncover the origin of Kovid-19. At the same time, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said officials’ “comparative notes” on the possibility of spreading the virus from the virus leaked from the outbreak’s Wuhan laboratory called for more investigation.

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The WHO chief also agreed
Earlier, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Saturday that this apprehension was raised at the G-7 conference held in Cornwall in a formal session on health issues and for trace the source of the epidemic. He also said that the first phase of studying the origin of the virus was inconclusive and that there were four theories but no conclusions had been drawn about them so far. That is why we believe that the four theories must be opened and that we must take the second step so that the origin of the virus can be detected.

China encircles Hong Kong and Xinjiang
Concerns were expressed over bonded labor in a statement released on Sunday. He said China should respect human rights in Xinjiang, grant Hong Kong more autonomy and avoid harming security in the South China Sea. US President Joe Biden has taken a strong stand against China and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron have also supported him to some extent.

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Europe not with Biden?
Biden wanted to persuade his fellow Democratic leaders to present a more united front to compete economically with China. However, European leaders did not support him as might have been expected. Before releasing the statement, it was not decided whether or not to talk about many issues.

According to US administration officials, all countries have backed Biden on many issues, but no concrete consensus could be reached on China. In particular, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and other leaders feared the statement was seen as a provocation to China.

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An eye on China’s economic challenge
G-7 leaders have also said they will work together to challenge China’s divergence from its market economy. In the statement, the G-7 said, “In the context of the competition that China and the global economy face, we will continue to consult on collective initiatives aimed at challenging policies and approaches that differ from a market economy because such approaches are fair. and impartial to the global economy.

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China targeted at G-7 summit

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