Gabilondo promises free transport subscription to those under 31 for the next two years if they win the elections

Updated: Thursday, April 29, 2021 7:32 PM

Published on: 04/29/2021 19:31

Ángel Gabilondo assured that one of the measures he will implement if he succeeds in becoming president of the Community of Madrid will be to provide a free transport pass to all under 31 for the next two years. .

Until now, those under 26 in the Community of Madrid can travel by public transport throughout the region for 20 euros per month. An amount reduced to 16 euros in the case of a general large family and half in the case of belonging to a special large family.

Gabilondo thus proposes to extend the age of beneficiaries to 31 years, and to promote the free subscription for the next two years. In this way, the ticket would be free for everyone under 31 in the Community of Madrid for the next two years.

A measure, explained socialist sources to LaSexta, which will benefit more than 1,700,000 young people and which “will bring 256 million euros in the pockets of young people in Madrid”.

This is one of the proposals contained in the car plan for youth employment that the socialist candidate intends to implement. Another of them was announced by Gabilondo himself in Al Rojo Vivo. As he said for LaSexta, if he wins the May 4 election, he will pay the first month’s rent to everyone under 30 to promote their emancipation.

In its electoral program, the PSOE affirms that it will help young people to access their first housing thanks to various assistance programs. Without specifying, it is explained that they will be intended for “the purchase, rehabilitation and promotion of rent”. For which, they specify in the electoral document, “new formulas focused on young people” will be studied.

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