Gabilondo reaches out to Iglesias against an Ayuso who graciously comes out of the first debate


Publication: Thursday, April 22, 2021 12:10 AM

Debate polarized, tense and with Ayuso in the spotlight of the rest of the parties. Thus ended the first of the two planned meetings between the candidates for the leadership of the Community of Madrid, the only one in which, for the moment, Isabel Díaz Ayuso will be present. A meeting marked by the state of health and the management of the pandemic – where Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Pablo Iglesias had several clashes -, but also by the consolidated unity in the left bloc (PSOE, Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos) to expel the regional government on the right.

The candidates have shown their letters since the start of the debate organized by “Telemadrid”. On the one hand, Ángel Gabilondo, Mónica García and Pablo Iglesias put aside their differences to focus their criticisms on the management of Isabel Díaz Ayuso; On the other hand, the leader of the PP in Madrid valued her work to stop the coronavirus pandemic, denouncing at the same time the role of the central government in this affair. A complaint joined by Rocío Monasterio and Edmundo Bal, who nevertheless took the opportunity to make Ayuso ugly through specific actions.

Specifically, the health crisis that Spain is experiencing due to COVID-19 has always been the central axis of a debate in which there have been serious clashes; Mainly, those that occurred repeatedly between Iglesias and Ayuso, who blamed the deaths in the pandemic. The leader of United We Can has disfigured the popular president by saying that Madrid are “the community with the most deaths”, and accused them of turning “a shame into an opportunity to bring down the government”. Ayuso responded to this, denying the data, pointing out that the dead “belong to everyone” and accusing Iglesias “of using the pain of the residences for political gain”.

What happened in our residences is a betrayal of our elders

Likewise, Mónica García directed her criticism of Ayuso for the epidemiological situation in Madrid. “What happened in our residences is a betrayal of our elders,” said the candidate from Más Madrid, referring to the protocol of the regional government which prevented users of these centers from being referred to hospitals. A statement to which the regional leader responded, demanding that García “stop using public health as if it were his own” and lamenting that “those admitted to Zendal were afraid” for his critics.

In this sense, Gabilondo, who during the pandemic block had shown a more reserved and moderate profile, also ended up facing Díaz Ayuso, although in his case this was due to the controversial statements of the popular president regarding the queues of hunger. , a problem which he took advantage of to exploit. “I am ashamed to say without shame that they are maintained. There is no right”, reproached the socialist candidate, who took advantage of his intervention to propose “a new housing policy”, as well as urgent measures to resolve the situation of “poverty and inequality” experienced in Madrid.

Controversy over the monastery and “ intrablock ” clashes

Ayuso even had to defend himself against criticism from Rocío Monasterio. The Madrid president ignored the “face to face” that candidate Vox has repeatedly sought in relation to the “restriction of freedoms” that was experienced in Madrid. Although the truth is that Monasterio tried to oppose all the participants, especially against the Ciudadanos and the left-wing parties, becoming the center of the controversy by again promoting the recent hoax that his party exhibited on the money received by unaccompanied minors.

“The inequality is that a retiree has 426 euros while in Madrid we pay 4,700 euros per month,” he said. During the debate, Monasterio also assured that he had to explain to Mónica García “what COVID was” because she was “on something else”, he described Ciudadanos as a “traitor” to “put the regional government in danger”. Accused Iglesias of sending violent groups to blow up the acts of the far-right formation “with stones” and Gabilondo of being the representative of a disastrous government for the management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ayuso was able to breathe during the moments when Pablo Iglesias and Ángel Gabilondo had an exchange of ideas on taxes in the Community of Madrid. The candidate of the purple formation advocated raising them to the richest, but the socialist was frank on this issue: he said he would not touch them as long as the crisis lasts. “We can’t do the same as the right if we want to win the right,” Iglesias said. “I share the general thinking, but not at the moment,” Gabilondo replied.

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