Gabilondo will not recover the deputy’s certificate and will not continue in the Madrid Assembly

Publication: Thursday, May 6, 2021 7:50 PM

Socialist candidate Ángel Gabilondo has decided not to get his deputy certificate back. He therefore leaves to make way for the renewal of the Madrid PSOE after the resignation of the general secretary of training in Madrid, José Manuel Franco.

As confirmed by laSexta, the candidate chose to resign after the tough meeting held yesterday by the regional executive board of the PSOE. A very tense meeting during which a socialist branch demanded the resignation en bloc of the executive of the PSOE-M to opt for the renewal of the team.

Precisely the Secretary of the Organization, José Luis Ábalos, expressed after the meeting which took place today between the General Executive of the PSOE that the formation will work these two years to regain the confidence of Madrid “with new teams, with a new project and with a renewed illusion “.

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