Gabriel Rufián faces a group of fascists who berated him with the cry of “dog” and “queer”

Publication: Sunday, April 25, 2021 3:35 PM

Gabriel Rufían lived a moment of tension in Denia. A group of fascists berated the ERC deputy in the street as he was on his way to present his book, “El 15M facha”, by hurling all kinds of insults at him.

Rufían faced this group of radicals, raising his right fist. Among the insults in the video, shared by Rufían himself, we can hear “queer”, “dog”, “son of a bitch” or “terrorist”.

Faced with these insults, Gabriel Rufián decided to turn to them and raise his right fist. “They have balls for everyone. Always standing,” he shared on his Twitter account, where he also added: “Democracy or fascism”.

According to ‘A Punt’, this Saturday, a group of radicals placed a sign saying: “You are not welcome, traitor of Rufián”. When the ERC MP saw the banner, he signed it, leaving the following message: “Visca la terra (Long live the earth)”.

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