Galician PP proposes fines to those who do not get the coronavirus vaccine or do not do the PCR

Publication: Thursday, November 19, 2020 11:03

In Galicia, the COVID-19 vaccine could be mandatory if the bill that the Galician PP presents this Thursday goes ahead, with which it will establish fines for those who do not vaccinate against the coronavirus and also those who resist doing PCR.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s popular Galicians have an absolute majority in the regional chamber, so the measure will likely be approved and distinguish between mild (with fines between 100 and 300 euros), serious (3,000 to 60,000 euros) and very serious . (60,000 to 600,000 euros), which will be defined during the parliamentary procedure.

Galicia becomes the first community to vote on the possibility of forcing the population to be vaccinated against COVID-19, days after the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, dismissed it, supporting to inform about the benefits to be vaccinated to convince the citizens.

“It is not recommended”

“Experts tell us that it is not advisable to make the vaccine compulsory,” Illa said last Tuesday during the government review session in the Senate.

Illa asserted that simply by telling people “the truth” one expects to “reach appropriate immunization figures”.

“I believe the public will respond well, I don’t think it is necessary to make compulsory vaccination, this is a scenario that we should not rule out, but I don’t think it is necessary, honestly. let the public understand that the way of The pandemic is precisely with vaccination, this is how infectious diseases have historically ended and it will end this way as well, ”he clarified.

According to data from the latest CIS published on Wednesday, 47% of Spaniards would not be vaccinated immediately, against 36.8% who would. Those who are reluctant to get vaccinated are up three points from the October barometer, despite the fact that the survey was conducted around the time Pfizer was releasing very encouraging initial results on the efficacy of its compound.

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