Galwan Clash Video: Chinese Army PLA Indian Army released Galwan Clash video in June 2020: China released video of galvan violence

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China released a video after its soldiers died in the violence in Galvan. Chinese media accused of attacking Indian army, many Chinese soldiers appear injured in video
Video of the incident was also released after Ladakh confessed to the truth about the deaths of Chinese soldiers in the violence in Galvan. In which the clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers is shown in Galvan. Chinese media outlet Global Times also released the video, accusing them of attacking the Indian military. However, there has not yet been a response from India to this video.

Violent clashes while broadcasting a video
In this video, China Post is seen on the banks of the river. In the next scene, an Indian Army officer is seen standing with aggressive Chinese soldiers. Immediately after this incident, hundreds of Chinese soldiers are seen surrounded by Indian soldiers with sticks and sticks. In the next scene, many Chinese soldiers are seen lying on the ground in an injured state. The video ends with photographs of Chinese soldiers killed in the violence in Galvan.

China gives names of PLA soldiers killed
The Chinese military paid tribute to soldiers killed at the hands of Indian soldiers in the Galvan Valley and also released a video. China also gave the names of the 4 soldiers killed. They are Chen Hongjun, Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siuan, Wang Zhuoran. The Chinese military said these soldiers gave up their lives while protecting national sovereignty and their lands. Among the Chinese soldiers killed were a battalion commander and three soldiers. The commander of the Chinese army regiment was seriously injured during the conflict.

Reversing the allegations against the Indian military
The Central Military Commission of China honored this Fabao with the “Hero” award. China alleged that the Indian army illegally crossed the line of effective control in the Galvan Valley. The Chinese military alleged that the Indian army attacked the PLA soldiers with steel tubes, sticks and stones. Chinese army newspaper PLA said, “From April 2020, foreign forces (India) violated previous agreements … They entered the border so that roads and bridges could be built.” .

China said – India changed the status quo
The Chinese army newspaper said that the Indian army deliberately provoked and tried to change the status quo at the border … Chinese soldier Chen wrote in his diary: “Our enemies (Indian soldiers) were fine. more than us but we did not panic. In the midst of his stone attack, we pushed him back.

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