Galwan Valley Clash China Arrest of bloggers: Clash in Galwan Valley: questions raised over news of murder of only 4 PLA soldiers in Galwan, 3 arrests of Chinese bloggers

The citizens of his own country have shown a mirror to China engaged in the sympathy of the Chinese people by showing videos of the violence in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh. Three bloggers, including a former journalist, said more than 4 Chinese soldiers were killed in the conflict and the government is not telling. Not only that, he asked the government why it had taken 8 months to announce the soldiers killed.

According to The Hindu report, among the bloggers arrested by China is Kyu Jiming (38), an investigative journalist and former reporter for The Economic Observer. China announced that it had arrested three bloggers who had insulted Chinese soldiers killed in the Galvan Valley. China arrested these bloggers as it recently reported the soldiers being killed in the Galvan Valley.
Clashes in Galwan Valley: China first announced how many PLA soldiers were killed in bloody violence in Galwan Valley, blaming India
‘China has more soldiers killed’
In a message to his 2.5 million fans on the Chinese social media website Weibo, Kyu Jiming said the number of soldiers killed in China is high because, according to official figures, some soldiers have died coming to help d ‘other soldiers. He said many of these soldiers would have died. He also wondered why China had taken 8 months to announce the murder of Chinese soldiers.

Kyu Jiming said that unlike China, India immediately announced its martyr soldiers. He said that with the immediate announcement of India, it seems he won and had to pay a low price. On the other hand, police in Nanjing, China, claimed to have arrested the three people for publishing false information. These social media accounts have been closed. His arrest became a topic of discussion across China, and by Sunday evening 73 million views had arrived.

China wants to prove itself as victim with video
Chinese government media Global Times released a video on Friday evening after accepting the truth about the murder of four soldiers in Galvan. The video showed footage of the conflict between the Indian and Chinese military. With the help of this edited video, China wanted to prove it was poor and a victim. While the truth is that the Chinese soldiers attacked the Indian soldiers using a rod with a sharp wire. The video also showed a photo of the four Chinese soldiers killed in Galvan who were honored by the dragon.

Question on the announcement of the murder of only 4 Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley

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