Galwan Valley Clash: Chinese Army Commander Qi Fabao Galwan Valley Clash with Indian Army Ladakh Latest Updates: Chinese Army Commander, who was killed in the conflict in the Galwan Valley, threatened India

The Galwan Valley Skirmish will end a year in a few days. On the night of June 15, 2020, both sides suffered losses in a military skirmish between the two Asian superpowers on the banks of the icy Galvan River in Ladakh. Now, just before the end of a year, China has started the propaganda war again. China once again presented to the media the regimental commander of its PLA military command in Xinjiang, Qi Faibao, who was seriously killed by brave Indian soldiers in the clash.

Qi was killed by the Indian army in the Galvan Valley
Qi Faibao suffered a serious head injury during the Galwan Valley clash. Due to which he had to stay in the hospital for months. Fabao was recently included in a high-level meeting of the Chinese military. Chinese media Pithu reported that the meeting was held in honor of China’s border soldiers. Indeed, due to the violent clashes in Galwan, the morale of Chinese soldiers is poorly understood. The Chinese government initially hid the figures of the soldiers’ deaths and then exposed them.

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China uses propaganda to boost army morale
The deadly cold of Ladakh shattered the rest of the morale of the Chinese military. There were many such reports, in which it was said that Chinese soldiers got very sick during the cold in Ladakh. Many soldiers had to airlift illegally built military camps to Aksai Chin. At the same time, Indian soldiers have the experience of being stationed on the world’s highest battlefield like Siachen. This is the reason why the Chinese soldiers suffered more than the soldiers of the Indian army.

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China’s Central Military Commission calls a meeting
The China Central Television (CCTV) military channel on Thursday reported that Qi Faibao attended a meeting organized by the Political Affairs Department of the Central Military Commission of China in military uniform and full dress. The marks of injuries on his head were also clearly visible. During this meeting, Qi spoke about the Chinese soldiers killed by the Indian army.

PLA commander boasts
The regiment commander of the Xinjiang PLA Military Command boasted at the meeting that if the army is compared to a sharp sword, the courage and righteousness of the soldiers is the edge of the sword. We are not afraid of sacrifice and we have always maintained the belief that we would rather sacrifice our lives than lose an inch of our territory.

Indochinese soldiers face to face in Galwan violence

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