Gamification arrives on the Ibex 35 thanks to Psicosoft

Create virtual experiences that take your professionals out of their comfort zone. This is what several Ibex 35 companies have proposed to increase the qualifications and skills of the people who make up their workforce.

Gamification processes are booming in the business world. This learning / development technique transfers the mechanics of video games to the professional field in order to obtain better results, either for its participants to acquire specific knowledge, or to develop a skill, among many other objectives.

Personalized business gamification developed in Spain

Psicosoft is the Spanish human resources consulting firm that is currently at the forefront of creating and designing gamification solutions for businesses. “We are passionate about supporting our clients in the current environment of uncertainty and constant change, while being true to our objective: to create valuable, innovative and simple solutions to be implemented to get the most out of the best, transforming people, ”says Jacobo Quintns, CTO at Psicosoft.

Psicosoft designs all kinds of gamification solutions, such as the exciting online Escape Room which was created for Heineken as part of the online integration (corporate welcome process). In this business game, the fictional Doctor Beer became the hostess who guided the new professionals to solve all the proposed puzzles, and at the same time they were able to familiarize themselves and learn all the history and essence of the Dutch beer company.

Another good example can be found in the video game designed for BBVA, which aimed to educate its professionals about the importance of cybersecurity in all work processes. The video game took place in a Viking world and turned out to be an absolute success for the company, which improved its performance in terms of computer security.

For financial companies, gamified solutions have also been designed with a storytelling format, in which the protagonist delves into the area of ​​money laundering prevention.

The keys to the success of gamification solutions

Jacobo Quintns, CTO at Psicosoft, shares that “our company works in 3 areas: elearning (being one of the main BBVA providers in the world), face-to-face (incorporating gamification in physical environments such as as workshops or conventions) and remote (enriching existing tools on the market such as TEAMS, ZOOM, WEBEX … with different resources and making virtual events close, exciting and interactive ”).

“In this sense, and as an example, the company organized a virtual meeting cycle with the pharmaceutical company TEVA with more than 130 delegates using a remote escape room. In this case, the participants move through a series of rooms, led by the figure of a “GameMaster” from Psicosoft, solving puzzles and fighting to be the first in the ranking “.

Additionally, Quintns discovers that “Throughout December, we plan to gamify various digital Christmas events. More than 300 AVON professionals from Spain and Portugal will live a fun and friendly moment in a virtual event with a WOW effect! “.

Serving technological innovation

Psicosoft is currently working on other avant-garde tools. The HR consulting firm has developed an immersive experience in which the participant becomes a director of a company, thanks to the use of virtual reality technology.

The participant must interactively make real-time decisions in this simulated environment. Their decisions are recorded and evaluated through the Etray methodology, providing at the end of the experience a report in which the professional’s strengths and areas for improvement in certain behaviors can be visualized based on their responses.

Quintns emphasizes that “at Psicosoft, we put our creativity at the service of companies. For example, with the Voice Assessment solution, we place the professional in a new environment, with little knowledge and experience. This is an interaction test with the Alexa device which meets the reliability and validity criteria, both apparent and predictive, and which is part of the resolution of a Business Case, giving a plus great realism to the situation because of its proximity to the new reality of organizations.

The participant should speak with the virtual assistant to get information about the case, with which to solve it later. Recently, ING professionals have faced this experience, extracting in return a very powerful formula to verify the emotional response and adaptability of their professionals to new digital and disruptive environments.

Businesses are more aware than ever

This commitment to innovation and the constant search for new formats and methodologies has attracted thousands of professionals from large companies around the world such as BBVA, Mediaset, Indra, Bayer, Bankia or EY. They invest an average of 1000 hours in conceptualization, instructional design, graphic design, programming and testing in each solution. This allows them to be very reliable and very fast in the delivery of projects.

The fact of working in a virtual and multilingual way favors that the consulting firm Psicosoft, with more than 34 years of experience, can develop virtual projects with companies from different continents. Thus, Psicosoftest is currently immersed in an intense internationalization project and has already concluded alliances with consulting firms from the United States, Portugal, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Italy and Peru. “Our digital solutions make professionals the protagonists, wherever they are physically located. We’ve been successful in giving color and ‘warmth’ to those types of remote settings that have come to stay, ”says Jacobo Quintns.

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