Gamified training, the key to motivation at work and learning in the “new normal”

Gamified training, the key to motivation at work and learning in the “new normal”

The Covid pandemic and the resulting acceleration of digitization have ushered in a new era in e-learning reaching the construction industry. While until recently, online courses optimized certain face-to-face training constraints (avoiding more flexible travel and schedules), many of them were nothing more than the passive transcription of texts without fully exploiting the potential of technology to enrich learning.

Faced with this scenario, experts from the AECO sector rely on gamification and virtual reality to improve learning processes. And it is that this learning technique which transfers the mechanics of games to the field of training allows to achieve better results and improve the training experience of students and professionals.

Can gamification be the key to a master of architecture?

If it is true that the irruption of gamification in company training is already a reality since it has become the solution to one of the major problems that the current company must face: the lack of motivation of the workers .

In training, and especially in architecture master’s degree, can gamification become a key factor? Experts agree and say that thanks to this game-based methodology, the conventional processes implemented to date have been redesigned, thus ensuring more stimulating, participatory and fun learning.

According to Borja Snchez, architect and project manager of Espacio BIM, “We were able to ensure that 95% of those enrolled in our masters and courses completed the training and 100% of those who completed it said that this allowed them to in their workstation, take off professionally or find a new job. And it is that, as Confucius prayed, “tell me and forget it, teach me and remember, make me participate and learn”.

If you think of gamification, you think of games. Gambling is inherent in all mammals and, therefore, in human beings. “It is the foundation of early development and fundamental for learning. Everyone loves it, is motivated and has fun playing. Playing is capable of arousing enthusiasm, of attaining new skills and of developing skills, ”they add from Espacio BIM.

The process of implementing the gamification of the online BIM masters of Espacio BIM, and which consists of a disruptive training which is already revolutionizing the training of professionals in the construction sector by solving their main needs, can be summed up in three phases:

The starting point of a gamified training in their master’s programs was to know the needs and objectives, the different contents of the program and the profile of the student. Training design. Once the basics were defined, a structure formed of three main elements was created: training content, narrative layer and feedback elements, intertwined with each other to result in a gamified master. To play. Students participate in this innovative methodology and can enjoy learning while being part of a fictional story that captures them.

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