gansu marathon tragedy: what happened during the mountain marathon cross country race in Gansu

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During the Gansu Marathon in China, 21 runners died due to bad weather.
21 runners died during the cross-country ski marathon held in China’s Gansu province. Hundreds of participants took part in this 100 kilometer race which took place in the nagging cold. The marathon was held at the Yellow River Stone Forest Tourist Site in Jingtai County. So perhaps the organizers had not anticipated that 21 participants would lose their lives during this period. These runners are said to have died due to bad weather like snowfall, heavy rain and heavy storms.

Most of the dead runners are residents of China
The Gansu Marathon was held last month on May 23. Those involved in rescue and rescue said all of the deceased runners succumbed to hypothermia due to severe cold. Most of the deceased runners are Chinese citizens. Chinese state media CGTN reported that the dead runners included Liang Jing and Huang Guanjun. Both are the best Chinese marathon runners.

Many obstacles have to be overcome in the 100 km race
The Gansu Marathon was launched in 2018. The Chinese Athletics Association named this race a bronze medal event. There are mainly races in three categories. There is a 5 km race in the first category, 21 km in the second category and 100 km in the third category. The cross country marathon is considered a very risky race. To participate in this type of race, you must have already participated in a competition of a similar level.

One of the toughest cross country races in the world
This Chinese marathon is one of the toughest cross-country races in the world. In this, the runners must put all their strength at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. Most of the course of this race is deserted. Other than that, any runner must reach the goal within 20 hours to complete this race. 9 checkpoints were carried out for this 100 km race. In which the accident took place between checkpoint number 2 (24 km) and three (32.5 km).

21 runners died because of it
According to Chinese media, this part is considered the most dangerous of the whole race. For this, the participating runners have to cross steep slopes made of sand and rocks. The situation here has worsened due to bad weather. Many runners dropped out of the race due to the weather, while others found themselves stranded alone in deserted places. The strong wind tore its thermal blanket. Due to which his body temperature fell dangerously low.

Chinese authorities’ negligence claimed the lives of 21 runners
The negligence of Chinese officials in connection with this marathon cost the lives of the runners who participated in the race. Before the start of the race, the organizers had not given any information on the weather to the participants. The thermal blankets in the kit given to runners were quite small. Not only that, despite the information that the runway was unsafe, no arrangements were made to deal with the emergency.

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