Gaofen-14 satellite: China will now have a keen eye on the whole world, Earth observation satellite launched – China launches gaofen-14 Earth observation satellite amid tensions with US United and India

China launched an Earth observation satellite on Sunday after hoisting the flag on the moon. This satellite named Gaofen-14 is capable of taking high resolution photographs of ground objects in any part of the world. The satellite was launched by the Long March-3B rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

This Chinese satellite can do a lot of things
Gaofen-14 is an optical stereo mapping satellite. It is capable of capturing precise high-quality stereo images around the world, creating large-scale digital topographic maps, digital elevation models, digital surface models and digital orthophotographic images, and providing information basic geographic areas.

Dragon’s military strength will increase
The Earth observation satellite is used in military and civilian activities. This satellite has many high resolution cameras. Those who can take high quality photographs of an object located at an elevation of three feet from the earth. It is believed that China can use its armed forces to deal with growing Indo-American threats.

China was shocked in September
In September, a Chinese Earth observation mission failed during the launch. The Jilin-1 Gaofen 02-C satellite was launched from the Kuazhu-1A rocket from the Jikuan satellite launch center. Meanwhile, his rocket was destroyed halfway due to a technical flaw.

China hoisted the flag on the moon on December 3
China’s Chandrayaan Chang E-5 hoisted his national flag on the lunar surface on December 3. With this, China became the second country in the world after America, whose flag reached the moon. The March-5 long rocket was used to bring the Chinese spacecraft to the moon. Two missions in China are already present on the lunar surface. In 2013, a spacecraft named Cheng-e-3 reached the lunar surface. While in January 2019, Cheng-E-4 landed on the lunar surface with a lander and a Utu-2 rover. It is said that these missions are still active.

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