García Egea accuses Bildu’s support for budgets and the “ Celaá law ”

Updated: Saturday, November 21, 2020 5:12 PM

Published on: 11/21/2020 5:10 PM

People’s Party general secretary Teodoro García Egea indicted Castilla-La Mancha president Emiliano García-Page for “bluffing protest” and urged him to answer the question of what national deputies are going to do. vote of the PSOE by the region in the next general state budgets. “Are you going to vote with Bildu or with all of Spain?”

It was during his speech at the XIII Extraordinary Provincial Congress of the PP in Albacete, where Manuel Serrano was elected president of the party, where García Egea declared that this is “the big question” that he asked himself in Albacete and that, according to he pointed out, he does not know whether the socialist president will respond.

“We see that Page protest a lot, but a bluffing protest, because as soon as he crosses Seseña and is welcomed into the Community of Madrid, he is transformed and decides to stop protesting,” he said. He decided, criticized, “to keep the megaphone”, regretting that, despite his protests, the deputies and senators of the PSOE of Castile-La Mancha “all vote with Pedro Sánchez”.

Likewise, he regretted that García-Page, in Castilla-La Mancha, presented budgets which, like Pedro Sánchez’s for Spain, “are not what Castilla-La Mancha needs”. That said, he warned that if Page “had to agree with Bildu to approve them, he would.” “Have no doubts,” he said.

Criticism of the “ Celaá Law ”

People’s Party General Secretary Teodoro García Egea assured on Saturday that the new reform of Lomloe’s education law, known as the ‘Celaá law’, “will last as long as it takes Pablo Casado – president of his party – to reach the Moncloa “.

This was delivered during his speech at the closing of the 13th Provincial Congress of the PP of Albacete, in which the former mayor of Albacete and current municipal spokesperson on the city council, Manuel Serrano, was elected as the new president. He assured that, when the PP governs in Spain, “one of the first measures that we will take is to repeal this unjust law and to approve one, with agreement, to guarantee the needs of our students”.

She also indicated that she would appeal this law to the Constitutional Court and present petitions against it “in all municipalities”. He also stressed that in the communities governed by the PP, even a special education class will not be closed, because as he said: “We will comply with the law but also with the needs of parents”.

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