Gas shortage in Pakistan: cooking gas under Imran Khan’s reign, no panic in Pakistan for the New Year

For the Pakistani people, the New Year does not come with happiness but in a time of difficulty. Pakistan will face a serious gas crisis in January. Sui Northern, a gas supply company in Pakistan, will face a gas shortage of 500 million standard cubic feet per day. Due to this huge gas shortage, the company will have no choice but to stop supplying gas to the electricity sector.

According to Pakistani newspaper The News, the electricity sector’s shortage of LNG will not ease the crisis by giving it to domestic consumers. Even after that, there will be a shortage of 250 million standard cubic feet per day. The RLNG given to industries to civil servants will also have to be reduced by one day per week. It is estimated that between January 4 and 20, the gas shortage will be greatest.

Pakistan’s Imran Khan government failed to buy gas on time, which the people are suffering from now. Pakistani officials said gas supplies to the fertilizer industry had already been cut off. The crisis worsened when the tanker carrying gas from Nigeria was delayed for four days. Meanwhile, people in the Punjab and other states are forced to cook on low heat due to an interrupted gas supply. The government is now shutting down industrial gas and supplying it to the homes of the people.

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