Gaza city Palestine: demolition of buildings in Gaza city in Israel Attack: a building collapses in Gaza in Israel Attack

Gaza City
Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City on Sunday destroyed three buildings and killed at least 42 people. It was the worst attack since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began a week ago. Gaza’s health ministry said 16 women and 10 children were among those killed in the attack, while more than 50 people were injured.

He said relief and rescue operations were still ongoing. Earlier, the IDF said it burned down the residence of Hamas leader Yahia Sinwar in a separate airstrike in the southern town of Khan Younis. This is the third attack in the past two days on the homes of senior Hamas leaders. At the same time, many Hamas leaders went into hiding as a result of the attack.

Israel has stepped up its attacks in recent days to do more damage to Hamas. At the same time, international negotiators are also trying to mediate between the two sides, but these efforts may encounter difficulties due to the targeting of Hamas leaders. Tensions in East Jerusalem began earlier this month when Palestinians protested their evacuation in Sheikh Jarra and Israeli police cracked down on Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Collapsed Hamas Building

The battle began last Monday when Hamas, claiming to have saved Jerusalem, fired long-range rockets. The conflict has spread to other places as well. There have also been clashes between Jewish and Arab citizens in many places in the West Bank and Israel. The conflict has killed 188 Palestinians, including 55 children and 33 women, and injured 1,230 people in Gaza. At the same time, eight people have died in Israel, including a five-year-old child.

The IDF said on Sunday it was targeting the house of Hamas’s top leader Yahia Sinwar, who was presumably in hiding there along with the rest of the group’s top leaders. Israel dropped bombs on the house of Khalil al-Hayeh, the head of the political wing of Hamas, on Saturday. Hamas and the militant Islamic Jihad group admitted that 20 of its fighters had been killed since the conflict began on Monday.

An Egyptian diplomat said targeting Hamas political leaders would affect ceasefire efforts. Hamas and other militant groups fired approximately 2,900 rockets at Israel. At the same time, the IDF says 450 rockets fell a short distance, while the Air Force’s immune system killed 1,150 rockets.

Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes on Gaza, where an estimated 2 million Palestinians live. He demolished Gaza City’s tallest building, claiming it had offices associated with the Hamas army. At the same time, on Saturday, a multi-story building was demolished and housed offices of “The Associated Press” and other media institutions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “This campaign will continue as long as necessary.” He alleged that Hamas’s military intelligence unit was working in the building. The PA office was in this building for the past 15 years, that is, even during the first three wars between Israel and Hamas, he worked in the same building but was never directly targeted. .

Before the afternoon attack on the building in which the offices of media institutions were located, the IDF called Malik from the building and warned him to target him. After that, AP personnel and others immediately evacuated the building. AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt said in a statement: “Whatever happens today, not much of the world will know much about what is going on in Gaza.”

He said the US news agency is taking information from the Israeli government and is in talks with the US State Department to find out more.

160 Israeli planes wreak havoc, Hamas metro tunnel destroyed

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) first spoke of a ground attack, then later clarified that they had not crossed the border. This is seen as a plan to trap Hamas. According to the Dailymail report, soldiers and tanks were stationed in front of the militants waiting for them with night vision, as they exited the tunnel. They were subjected to land and air strikes. Sniper and missile units have also been deployed. According to the IDF, a complex operation to blow up Hamas’s tunnels in Gaza City was carried out. The operation was called “The metro”. These tunnels are called subways.

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