Gears Pop will disappear next year – Microsofters

It seems that games suitable for smartphones do not work for Microsoft. Those of Redmond have announced that Gears Pop, this version of Clash of Clans based on the Gears of War franchise will close in 2021. A new game for smartphones that is flowing.

Gears Pop ends its adventure on April 26, 2021

Game servers will be shutting down on April 26, 2021 and by then some of the events that were available in the past are making a comeback. With increasing rewards and higher drop rates for Legendary Pins. However, in-game purchases were turned off immediately and refunds will be issued for purchases made within the last 90 days.

The game had great potential, after playing for several hours you have to admit that, although repetitive, it was fun. The operation was very good and its design was excellent. The folks at Mediatonic have been balancing the different facets for a long time and have done an amazing job. The game launched in May 2019. It features many well-known characters from the franchise, but they are portrayed with designs based on the Pop! Funko figures. Many of these designs also became real characters shortly after the game was released.

As to why the game is stopping, Microsoft is simply saying that it is no longer possible to further develop the game. Presumably the title was not as big as the company would have liked. Plus, the folks at Mediatonic surely prefer to work at Fall Guys.

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