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During their research in Egypt, archaeologists reveal a secret, but evidence of an extinct creature is very rare. He comes to know this creature in the tomb of a pharaoh. Of the 6 ducks discovered around 150 years ago, 2 are of different species. Evolutionary biologist Anthony Romilio studies them at the University of Queensland, Australia. They were painted over 4,600 years ago and this painting is called Mona Lisa of Egypt.

Ducks of different species
Four of these ducks are found in Europe and the Northern Hemisphere, but Anthony says the rest are made both Tobias style. Both have a red breast pattern below the throat, whereas red breasted ducks are found today. According to Anthony, it was found in the analysis that these two were found to be different from the rest of the ducks. Their wings also have a different pattern that has not been understood before.

Not just art
He said photos of other animals and birds were accurately taken here. Therefore, you have to believe that these two look different from an art point of view only, that may not be entirely true. Dr Romillo said that 4,600 years ago there were many parties that there was no information about. The climate was different back then and there was a large amount of water instead of the desert.

Anthani says that ancient culture flourished when the Sahara had lush greenery and there were meadows, lakes, woods, a variety of animals that can be seen in graves and temples.

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