Gender equity a pillar of MetLife’s goal

MetLife, Inc. continues its commitment to achieving an equal future free from stigma, stereotypes and violence. The company was recently included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for the sixth consecutive year, in recognition of its efforts to support gender parity through employee policies, representation and transparency.

One such policy is its Gender Equity Initiative, under which MetLife offers women a variety of professional development programs, employment policies and benefits that support flexibility and empowerment. integration between work and personal life. With this initiative, MetLife seeks to build a sustainable, diverse, equitable and inclusive business by addressing gender diversity in four focus areas: leadership, workplace, market and community. And it is that the women of the world want and deserve a sustainable, peaceful future, with equal rights and opportunities for all.

In the words of Oscar Herencia, Managing Director of MetLife Iberia and Vice President of Southern Europe: “At Iberia, we consider gender equality and diversity as one of our main priorities, developing our talents and encourage our employees to bring their authenticity to work. A proof of this philosophy is that 68% of the team and 50% of the management committee of MetLife in Iberia are made up of women; data well above the average for companies in the sector. The integration of women into the labor market and equal opportunities are strategic issues for us and we will continue to work on them ”.

To this end, MetLife works to reduce barriers and boost the growth of women-owned businesses with the Supplier Inclusion and Development Program, as well as expanding opportunities for low-income women around the world. whole thanks to initiatives promoted by the MetLife Foundation.

In this sense, MetLife became the first US-based insurance company to sign the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles, and in 2019 it joined the Catalyst CEO Champions For Change initiative and the Coalicin UN Women’s Global Innovation for Change. The company provides additional support for women’s entrepreneurship and innovation through its partnerships with the National Council for Female Entrepreneurship and similar organizations.

In addition, MetLife recently announced that Dr Cindy Pace, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at MetLife, will have a new direct reporting line with the CEO, reinforcing MetLife’s continued focus on building a inclusive workplace that reflects the diversity of the company’s customers.

Finally, a few days ago, Michel Khalaf, CEO and President of MetLife, participated in the United Nations event “Target Gender Equality Live” and Dr. Cindy Pace, joined the round table “DCI: Expanding Opportunity in Insurance “in which they spoke candidly about the evolution of diversity, equity and inclusion.

All of these initiatives led by MetLife demonstrate the company’s commitment to maintaining a special sensitivity to managing and promoting diversity and gender equity.

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