General health psychology is one of the most promising professions

These are difficult times, which require precise support, reason and, more than ever, healthy lifestyles. The pandemic has increased the demand for psychological care. And everything indicates that this professional field, and in particular general health psychology, is one of the most promising jobs. Thanks to OTONAUTA, you can quickly and easily access information on study options in this discipline, among which stands out the Master in General Health Psychology.

BY RRHH Digital, 12:08 – 06 January 2021

Knowing how to listen, accompany in critical moments and succeed in an assessment and diagnosis related to health, and in particular to mental health, is more important today than ever. This is what a general health psychologist can offer society. A vital service which, for this very reason, is increasingly in demand. And, at the same time, also as a professional outlet. For this reason, there are more and more training options in this area. One of the most effective and which guarantees a very complete specialization is the Master in General Health Psychology. We go directly to the exercise of a profession as fascinating as it is necessary, which requires knowledge of the ins and outs of the human mind and behavior, as well as the fundamental tools to achieve a healthy balance in life. The online format of this program is becoming one of the most requested.

Training in general health psychology ensures that you know how to investigate, assess, and perform psychological interventions related to those elements of people’s behavior, functioning and activity that are related to improving and promoting their condition. health, understood as overall health which includes, of course, mental health.

Thus, studying a Master in General Health Psychology (MPGS) means immersing yourself in the scientific foundations of this discipline and knowing how it works and is regulated in the National Health System. This online study program makes it possible to assess and intervene in children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, in cases as diverse as developmental disorders, chronic diseases and disorders, domestic violence, stress, communication problems, psychological problems related to the environment. work or family, among others, in addition to assessing and intervening in situations that affect neuropsychology and sexual health.

The MSc in General Health Psychology enables people to develop and practice interpersonal communication and emotion management skills suitable for effective interaction with patients, family members and caregivers; also to analyze and critically use sources of clinical information, write adequate psychological reports, formulate research working hypotheses and collect and critically evaluate information for problem solving, applying the scientific method. This study program also allows to know the framework of action of the general health psychologist and to know how to refer to the corresponding specialized professional; know in depth the psychological nature of human behavior and its disorders, as well as the social and biological factors that can affect it at the origin of diseases and health problems, especially those related to mental health.

And in all of the aforementioned cases, the MPGS has the authority to design, develop and, where appropriate, supervise and evaluate psychological intervention plans and programs, as well as to carry out promotional and educational activities for health. individual and community psychological. Competences all included in the general law of public health (33/2011).

Among the master’s programs in general health psychology, stand out those currently offered by UNED, UOC, UCM, UNIR, VIU (International University of Valencia) and Isabel I University. training that allows them to exercise a profession whose average salary It oscillates in Spain between 18,000 and 21,000 euros gross per year, and this can be done in the private sector, as well as in the public sector, where general health psychologists can work as long as they do not provide health benefits from the portfolio. common services of the national health system.

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