Generali donates the budget for its Christmas meal to the poorest


Generali donates the budget for its Christmas meal to the poorest

Donate € 50,000 to Caritas and cover the basic needs of 1,800 families in vulnerable situations during the holiday season

BY RRHHDigital, 5:30 pm – December 21, 2020

GENERALI has decided to donate the entire budget for its usual Christmas lunch to Critas. The insurer will thus provide a contribution of € 50,000 so that 1,800 families with children in a situation and / or at risk of social exclusion can celebrate their Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner.

In the words of Alberto Ogando, Chief People & Organization Officer: “From GENERALI, we are deeply proud of this project. Faced with the impossibility of celebrating the usual Christmas dinner, all the employees decided to donate our budget to the most vulnerable families, who are living the strong impact of the pandemic hard ”.

This action is in addition to the many initiatives launched by the insurer as part of its social project The Human Safety Net (THSN), which aims to help the most vulnerable communities and to create a healthier, stronger and more sustainable society. in which people can develop and flourish to their full potential. THSN is based on the idea that communities of “people helping people” can break the cycle of poverty and create a positive and long-term multiplier effect.

In this sense, GENERALI has found in Critas an organization fully aligned with THSN, as it helps families to strengthen their education, work and coexistence, in addition to providing financial assistance for food and basic hygiene products. . .

Recently, GENERALI employees started a new toy drive for 300 boys and girls who are part of The Human Safety Net to enjoy Christmas gifts. In addition, to guarantee the supply of food and hygiene products to program participants most affected by the health crisis on alert, GENERALI has set up a fund to which its employees also contribute with contributions. Likewise, the insurer has made a contribution of nearly 60,000 euros to digitize the programs of collaborating NGOs in Spain and continue to serve families with all the guarantees of security.

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