Generation SAVIA continues to grow to promote the reintegration of senior profiles into the world of work

Generation SAVIA continues to grow to promote the reintegration of senior profiles into the world of work

Michael Page, a leading consultant for the selection of qualified talent, recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Endesa Foundation to participate in the Generation SAVIA project, a non-profit initiative in collaboration with the Mshumano Foundation, which aims to create a space for supporting unemployed senior executives.

Currently, the unemployment rate for over 50s in Spain is around 945,000 unemployed, around 25% of the total, and the majority are women, according to EPA 1Q 2021. The agreement, signed by the cabinet of Conseil and Generación SAVIA, intends to fight against these figures by promoting equal opportunities at work and by favoring the reintegration of senior profiles.

This commitment will develop through actions promoting the employability of professionals over 50 looking for a job, helping them to train and update their skills. Among the lines of action envisaged, it is worth mentioning the implementation of vocational guidance and training actions that promote access to the labor market for the participants of the Generation SAVIA project, aimed at promoting a necessary cultural change. among the +50 unemployed.

“At Michael Page, we are very aware of the importance of supporting and promoting the employment of seniors because of the great added value they can bring to companies. For this reason, we want to be part of this initiative and help increase their employability through various actions such as offering them interesting job offers for their profile, guiding them with educational content and / or career orientation interviews, etc. », Comments Jaime. Asnai Gonzlez, CEO of PageGroup Espaa.

“Giving visibility and a voice to senior talents, offering real opportunities for reintegration into the labor market, as well as opening our eyes to new forms of collaboration and work, are some of the objectives we set for ourselves at SAVIA. For this reason, we join forces with collaborators such as Michael Page, who are aware of the demand for labor that companies currently have, in order to facilitate the access of senior professionals to positions in which their experience and their knowledge is valued ”, explains Javier Blanco, CEO of the Endesa Foundation.

A new course for seniors

Obviously, last year there were profound changes within companies and in the Spanish labor market following the emergence of the Covid-19 health crisis. Between 2006 and 2020, the employment of the under-30s decreased by 49.6%, while the employment of the over-50s increased by 59.6%. The SAVIA project offers a path that senior employees must follow as soon as they leave their company. Through five stages, the professional must close his previous period, detect what he can improve as a worker, train and develop himself, as well as find different employment options and create a community.

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