Generation X, Millenials, Generation Z … What profile are companies looking for in the different generations?

Generation X, Millenials, Generation Z … What profile are companies looking for in the different generations?

The continuous changes that dictate the pace of society have generated demands that directly affect the business ecosystem. Organizations are looking for professionals who are continually trained to adapt to new needs that arise in different work environments. Thus, companies are in a continuous research process to integrate the latest digital strategies and tools into their professional ranks.

For companies in general, and for technology companies in particular – since they are the ones who must lead the digital transformation of the rest with the delivery of their products and services – they are looking for a talent with a hybrid profile; highly trained staff in digital skills, who have in-depth knowledge of new technologies and their applications, with a strategic and future vision, an optimal management capacity, to establish valuable links, both with the senior executives of companies, as well as ‘with these the human capital that must execute the projects, and a vision of digital marketing that allows them to identify new creative uses of technology oriented towards the business.

In this context of permanent search for this hybrid profile, the Human Resources department of Air Networks, which has ongoing active talent recruitment processes, has detected that in our labor market there is a marked lack of this profile. multitasking professional with advanced knowledge. in technological development, marketing and business process management. Pablo Nadal, director of the human resources area of ​​Aire Networks, underlines; “All companies have their share of IT, but not all of them find imaginative profiles, sufficiently visionary for the future and knowing how to carry out the digital transformation of their company. Technical profiles are usually not distinguished by their management skills and business vision, so it is difficult for them to fit into the same staff. This is called the hybrid profile of business and technical vision, the direct consequence of this lack of hybrid profiles is the driving force behind the creation of heterogeneous teams that integrate the best of each generation ”.

Together, the three generations form the most requested professional.

Innovation and digital transformation are not only about technology, but also about people. Thinking in multigenerational teams helps make digital transformation faster and more efficient. For Aire Networks, the ideal team is Gen X people because of their vision for the future, their strategic insight and their humility. Also by millennials, for their knowledge of technology, their vision on present and future applications of technology and by the human capital of the Zeta generation for their capacity for adaptation, productivity and innovation.

GENERATION X (born between 1960 and 1975)

In the workplace, they are defined by their perseverance, their capacity for sacrifice, humility, the search for stability and projection within the company. It is also a human capital that adapts easily to any place in the business environment, they are persevering executives who bring strategy and experience and who understand that constant dedication serves the objectives of companies and their professional success.

MILLENNIALS (born between 1980 and 2000)

They have been impacted by various economic crises, which has favored their adaptation to new market models. They look to companies for training and specialization in order to develop their career prospects as a tool to increase their market value vis-à-vis other companies, which causes them to present a turnover rate of the company. higher employment than Generation X members.

This is because they see themselves as brands, which makes them less resilient and more susceptible to frustration. When this happens, they are driven to seek new horizons. Their nomadic status makes them less attractive to companies that spend time and effort training them in digital skills. They are ambitious profiles in terms of economic conditions, looking for models of rapid growth.

GENERATION Z, (born between 2001 and 2012)

They are a very demanding generation because they are digital natives. While they share traits with millennials such as lower resistance to problems and high susceptibility to frustration, their native digital skills and the educational models they have been exposed to make them versatile profiles. Job stability is not an important concept for them.

They are more impatient than the members of the generations with whom they often end up teaming up in companies, which is why they are more dynamic, which can add up in a context of improvement oriented towards innovation. While this is not a persistent profile and has a lower degree of connection to the company, they seek to be more productive, not so much for the company that hires them, but for their own sake. personal benefit, because it is a profile that values ​​free time, flexible hours and work-life balance more than remuneration. They are professionals who have a great capacity for analysis and who seek high remuneration for their services.

Today, companies need to integrate professionals who have a solid training in new technologies, the flexibility to adapt to changes and to work as a team from anywhere and through any medium. , companies are looking for a white computer blackbird that is very hardly found in the market. Nadal explains it this way: “Companies strive to have a professional who has a vision of architecture and design, development and management, because IT solutions are complex. Someone who is able to unify visions, architecture and technologies, to manage different areas, to give them a path in which they converge in synergy. You need to know a lot of technologies and have a great business vision. It’s a rare and expensive profile, but it’s ideal for companies that want to transform in the present, with the future in mind. They are technical profiles, with a management capacity and a great vision of the market. It’s almost impossible to find a single person who has all of these traits, which is why we are already thinking of multigenerational teams of people who together add these abilities ”.

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