Geolocation, an essential value in business strategy

Geolocation is no longer a traditional instrument, used by geographers, which locates people, elements or objects in space by means of their coordinates of latitude (x), longitude (y) and height (z) to acquire a new strategic dimension, with a huge day-to-day business application, thanks to the emergence of the internet and mobile devices. This tool is able to communicate the physical and digital world, the local with the global, and a specific space in the cloud.

The relevance and versatility of geolocation are such that it has become an essential element for companies when it comes to managing their resources and designing their strategies. Speaking of geolocation means that any person or object can be located at a point in space. In this hyper-connected world, spatial analysis cannot be understood without the internet and without storage. Managing and analyzing data provides information of enormous value.

Knowing in advance where competitors, suppliers and customers are, where they are and what they consume is possible thanks to the multitude of data generated and tracked daily today. The data, through its analysis, is converted into valuable information. This information is used in business strategies when making decisions as a competitive advantage. La Vanguardia analyzes in detail in an article published “inAtlas, geolocation at the service of companies”, the strategic business solutions offered by this company specializing in Location Analytics. More specifically, it looks at: how inAtlas solutions help private and public companies. In the first place, it concerns the qualification of the processes of acquisition and retention of the portfolio of small, medium or large companies, by providing them with up-to-date information and knowledge on the behavior of their market and of the competition and, secondly, it highlights the savings in terms of management time within the value chain, from the design of strategies, the distribution of business objectives or the business premises themselves to promote and optimize customer journeys and prospects.

The inAtlas application, Geomarketing, based on location intelligence, offers various solutions and utilities ranging from commercial prospecting and expansion of private companies, economic promotion solutions, for the distribution of public aid or the monitoring of creation and death of companies for Administrators.

Its solutions provide strategic information with high added value, which simplifies the decision-making process for companies. It allows you to decide what may be the best location for a new business or branch, through market research and information from the competition. Its vast catalog of data, according to inAtlas Managing Director Silvia Banchini, “includes more than 500 indicators referring to the main sectors with which we work: insurance market, real estate, retail trade, tourism sector, between others ”. “Our solutions, continues Banchini, bring together state-of-the-art technology for location analysis and data visualization of companies and freelancers active in Spain and Portugal, with their headquarters and branches, provided by INFORMA D&B.” Thanks to this, “it is possible to analyze and enrich daily, automatically, portfolios of customers, suppliers and competitors within any business ecosystem to search for mirrored prospects, detect areas higher profitability to optimize the actions of acquisition, retention and expansion “, concludes Banchini. .

This powerful tool detects which areas are the most profitable, makes it possible to optimize actions to acquire new customers and retain them. Knowing the behavior of a company on the map, allows to act on the knowledge of the success patterns to find business opportunities, increase the competitiveness of companies based on location and monitor the behavior of customers, competitors and suppliers of the chosen area.

Geomarketing, with immediate online access, enables the automatic enrichment of a customer portfolio, for the search of potential mirror customers, in one click. In turn, it allows a micro-scale analysis, by zones of influence around certain places, by tracing free geometries (polygons, circles, rectangles) and zones calculated in distance-time from a location, to study proximity prospecting and compare it with any other point, among the 17 million unique portals in Spain.

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