Georges Tron: former French Secretary of State Georges Tron convicted of a gang rape case in 2009: Georges Tron, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Nicolas Sarkozy, sentenced in a rape case

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Former French Foreign Minister Georges Tron convicted of violating the court. Tron was indicted in 2018, free of charge, proven by new evidence. Devinicolas was made in the government of Sarkozy.
The former French foreign minister was sent to prison by the court after being found guilty of raping a woman on his staff. What’s great is that this French leader was released by the court on rape charges in 2018. The court has now admitted that Georges Tron, 63, raped his partner and raped her. Georges Tron was Minister during the tenure of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Georges Tron is mayor of Dreville
Georges Tron is currently mayor of the city of Dreville, located near Paris. The court suspended him and sent him to jail for 5 years. The court also sentenced Brigitte Gruel, a Tron aide, to two years’ imprisonment. Mayor Tron was briefly detained in court after the court handed down the verdict. He was then sent to La Santé prison in Paris.

Two employees had accused
According to some information, Georges Tron and one of his colleagues, Brigitte Gruel, have been accused of gang rape by two former municipal employees. Indeed, these women were to be appointed to the post of specialist in reflexology. For which Tran and Gruel asked them to do a foot massage. After which he raped her in 2007 and 2010.

The court acquitted in 2018
Tron was acquitted of all charges in 2018 for acquittal for lack of evidence. But, in an appeal trial this week, the jury confirmed a plaintiff’s claims. The court said in the judgment that the seriousness of the allegations was high. Tron has consistently denied this and pressured witnesses. After the verdict, one of the victims, lawyer Vincent Olivier, said it was a great victory for all women who might have such a problem in their workplace.

The mayor does despite the allegations
Tron, 63, had repeatedly insisted he was completely innocent. In 2011, he was removed from Nicolas Sarkozy’s cabinet following allegations. But despite the allegations, he was re-elected mayor of Dreville, a town south of Paris. On Wednesday, the jury sentenced Tran to five years in prison after 11 hours of deliberation.

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