German student threatens to behead teacher: Prophet cartoon controversy: Now German student threatens to behead teacher – German Muslim student threatens to behead his teacher amid prophet cartoon controversy

At a school in Germany, an 11-year-old boy threatened everyone by threatening to cut the throat of his own teacher. This German child said that it is permissible to kill a person who insulted the Prophet Muhammad. The incident happened last month when a one-minute mourning meeting was held at the German school in memory of the death of French teacher Samuel Patty.

The child threatened to strangle when teachers warned that if parents did not hold meetings with their child’s teachers, they would have to bear the consequences. A one-minute condolence meeting was held at a German school to commemorate the murder of a French teacher. Meanwhile, the Muslim child threatened, “You are allowed to kill anyone who insults the prophet. It’s just.’

When the principal of the pupil called the principal of the school to alert the parents of the child, the mother of the child insisted that her family did not accept such an ideology. The mother said her child would surely have learned such extreme thoughts in school itself. The threat comes from the Christian Morganstern primary school located in the Spandau district of the capital Berlin.

According to media reports, the school teacher insisted on meeting the parents. He told the class that this meeting was important and that issues would arise during this time. The teacher also said that anyone who does not attend this meeting will have to bear the consequences. In response, the child said, “If this happens when my parents don’t come, then I will do the same thing the child did in Paris with his teacher.”

The German child was referred to the 18-year-old child of Chechen descent Abdulak Anjorov. Anjorov is the one who killed French teacher Patty on October 16. Patty showed controversial cartoons of Prophet Mohammed at a free speech conference. After that, there was heavy criticism all over the Muslim world. Patty was greeted by the French president and described him as a “hero”.

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