germany navy australia: germany also suspects china intention, said – it can’t steal its eyes from the truth – germany refuses to turn a blind eye to chinese navy teams up with australian navy

Germany has also agreed to constrict the Chinese dragon in the Indo-Pacific region. German Army officials will now deploy with the Australian Navy and a German Navy warship will patrol the Indian Ocean. Through this initiative, Germany will strive to reduce China’s influence in the Indo-Pacific region. German Foreign Minister Annagret Kraump said the Indo-Pacific region has become very important for the betterment of the world.

Annagret said: “We believe that Germany will have to increase its identity in the region”. Known as the AKK, Annagret said Europe was fully informed by China’s economic agenda and geopolitical strategy last year. China is an important trading partner of Germany and we have strong economic relations with China, which is in the interests of both countries ”.

Many fronts are opening against China
The German Defense Minister said that at the same time, we cannot steal our eyes from unequal investment conditions, aggressive autonomy of intellectual property rights, etc. Let us tell you that Annagret was at one time considered the successor to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, she has announced that she will not stand for election in 2021. At the same time, the party leadership will also be leaving.

Annagret is the first German executive to publicly confirm that Chinese company Huawei will be banned from the German 5G network. He said countries in Europe will adopt the same technology they trust. Australia was the first Western country to ban Huawei in 2018 for national security reasons. After that, the United States and Great Britain imposed a ban.

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