Germany sentences IS leader to 10 years for radicalization: Maulvi sentenced to 10 years for links to ISIS in Germany

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Germany jailed ISIS imam for 10 years for instigating young Germans to fight for ISIS
After France and Denmark, Germany also began to fight against Islamic terrorism. A German court has convicted the former imam of a mosque for being a member of the formidable terrorist organization ISIS. After that the Imam is sentenced to ten and a half years in prison by the court. Please say that Germany also suffers from terrorism. Just last year, a terrorist crushed more than 30 people in a car during a carnival parade in Wockmarsen.

This terrorist was recruiting for Daesh
According to reports, Ahmed Abdul Aziz Abdullah A. alias Abu Wala was sentenced by a court in Salt, in northern Germany. The court found that Abu Wala and his gang radicalized young people in northern and western Germany and sent them to areas controlled by ISIS. Abu Wala is a 37-year-old Iraqi civilian who has been on trial since September 2017.

Imam of the mosque was guilty Abu
Abu Wala was the imam of an extremist mosque in the city of Hildesheim and held lectures on Islam elsewhere in Germany. The organization operating the mosque was banned by the German authorities in March 2017. After that, he contacted Daesh. After which he provoked the German youth to radicalize and brainwashed them and sent them to fight for Daesh in Syria and Iraq.

Comrades were also sentenced
Apart from that, three other associates were sentenced by the court for a period of four to eight years. These people were also seen as partners in Abu Wala’s crime. It is said that during the hearing, the defense lawyer declared his client innocent, but based on the evidence, the judge found him guilty and sentenced him to jail.

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