Germany’s most tattooed man: the bizarre head-to-toe tattoo craze calling himself “ Magneto ” This old – retired wolfgang kirsch who calls himself magneto becomes the most tattooed man in Germany

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Often times, people want to have at least one tattoo in their life. Wolfgang Kircch, a 72-year-old German citizen, was not happy with a few or 10 tattoos. Bujurg found such a craze that 98% of his body got a tattoo
Often times, people want to have at least one tattoo in their life. It could be someone’s name, a sign, or something they’d be happy to see. People get a tattoo or two on their bodies, but Wolfgang Kirch, 72, was not happy with a tattoo or two. The elder born in Germany caught such a craze that he got a tattoo on 98% of his body. He became the most tattooed man in Germany.

Wolfgang, who goes by his name Magneto, has performed a total of 86 tattoos and 17 implants on his body. Her tattoos are done on the hands, face, feet and even eyes and lips. Magneto has yet to get tattoos on the soles of his feet. Some of her implants have magnets, which make small iron things stick to her body. That’s why he kept his nickname Magneto.
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About Rs 21,84,861 spent on tattoos
The reason why Wolfgang gets a tattoo on his body is also very special. In fact, people in East Germany viewed tattoos very badly and for postal workers it was like a dream. Magneto got his first tattoo at the age of 46 and he had tears in his eyes at the time. He was a post office worker, but he wanted to stand out from the crowd.
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It took Magneto 20 years to separate from the global crowd, but she’s not at all sad. He had to go 240 times to get a tattoo and it took around 720 hours during that time. In other words, he spent about a month of his life getting a tattoo while sitting on a chair. Magneto spent around Rs 21,84,861 to get a tattoo. Now he is often called upon for modeling and photoshoots. He has now become the most tattoo artist in Germany.

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