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HR Coffee, you make the coffee, we make the cup: get an online session with an HR expert

Endalia helps you meet HR challenges in organizations

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 04 December 2020

Endalia, a company specializing in human resources, launches HR Coffee: You put the coffee, we put the cup. This is an experience-sharing initiative through which participants can obtain a free online HR counseling session with an expert, as well as a “Just HR amateurs” mug.

Do you have a human resources challenge that you don’t know how to overcome? Would you like to know how other successful organizations are dealing with it? Tell us here! If you are a human resources professional or hold a position of responsibility, this initiative may interest you.

How to participate?

Submit a brief description of your human resources challenge using this form. This is a great opportunity to tackle the challenges of managing the talents and people you meet in your business.

What can you get?

The most difficult and original numbers will win a passionate human resources cup and a free counseling session.

Those interested in the initiative can participate for free via the following link.

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