GFT is looking for 300 professionals in Spain to join its team until the end of 2021

GFT is looking for 300 professionals in Spain to join its team until the end of 2021

Plans for GFT, an IT company specializing in digital transformation, are to continue hiring new professionals in Spain in the coming months due to the greater demand for projects from its clients. Concretely, the company is currently looking for some 300 professionals to work on local and international projects, which it hopes to sign by the end of 2021. In the first half of the year, the technology company has already hired 200 people who, like the rest of the the team can choose to work entirely remotely or return to the office in whole or in part, depending on the preferences of each professional.

The tech company will integrate some 500 people in Spain this year, so it hopes to end 2021 with around 2,300 employees. The reason for this growth is that GFT needs a wide and varied range of professionals specialized in the digital world of any sector, from financial and insurance fields to industrial or distribution sectors, in order to meet the demand. growing number of clients’ projects and supporting them in the digital transformation of any business.

GFT is looking for digital experts capable of tackling new challenges, exploring trends, strategizing, designing, prototyping and testing, as well as analyzing and drawing conclusions. For this reason, she wants to hire professionals who have innovative thinking, a clear focus on their clients’ business and who are used to working with agile methodologies. In this sense, the profiles sought are specialists, developers and architects of technologies related to digital transformation, such as Frontend (Angular, React, Javascript, Polymer, Ionic, etc.), Backend (Java, Microservices, Spring boot), Cloud and DevOps (Google, AWS, Azure, Terraform, Jenkins, Kubernetes, etc.), data analysis (Bigdata, Data Streaming and Data Science) and Testing / QA.

Hybrid and flexible working model

What candidates for these vacancies at GFT will find is a hybrid work model that offers a wide variety of options, flexible hours and, also, a significant weight of training in their career plan.

“GFT aims to be a leading company not only in its offer and services, but also in the way we work. For this reason, we have opted for time flexibility and a hybrid model that offers our team the possibility of working remotely from anywhere in Spain or returning to the offices according to the preferences of each professional ”, explains Eduardo. Caas, director of human resources. at GFT in Spain. Currently the company has offices at its headquarters in Alicante, Lleida, Madrid, Sant Cugat (Barcelona), Valencia and Zaragoza.

This company’s commitment to telecommuting began long before the outbreak of the pandemic. For this reason, it was a strategic decision which now offers a whole range of possibilities to the members of his team: from total telework to the possibility of teleworking at home or in the office from 0 to 5 days, according to the preferences of every professional. The possibility of combining teleworking from home or from a second home is even authorized. This hybrid model is also committed to flexible hours, which aim to make it easier for GFT workers to reconcile their professional and family life.

For those who wish to return to work in person at the office, when possible, the company wanted to transform its physical spaces to focus on collaborative work. They are considered places of inspiration, meeting, co-creation and socialization. Therefore, the redesign was oriented to facilitate these collaborative activities and not so much to offer only a desk for individual work. Thus, these spaces have been optimized, reducing the number of traditional workstations and creating a more open office with more places to meet and work as a team. Finally, to work in the office, you must book through a desktop sharing tool that allows you to manage the booking from the office to the parking lot.

In addition to the evolution of the work model and the active search for new professionals, GFT also offers training programs for new graduates and juniors in the most advanced fields and technologies on the market. In total, this year around 70 young people participated in this type of training program. The latest of these, which launched last May, was the Google Cloud-focused GFT Cloud Academy, which included courses, labs, and projects for young people joining the company. During the first edition organized by the company, 14 junior employees participated.

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