Ghanaian actress jailed for nude photo: rosemond brown jailed for nude photo with her son on her seventh birthday: Ghanaian actress sentenced to jail for photographing and posting nude with her son

Ghanaian actress Rosamond Brown found it expensive to photograph nude on her son’s birthday. After which the local court sentenced the actress to three months in prison, condemning obscenity and domestic violence in society. Rosamond Brown is a single mother. She posted a photo on her social media in June 2020 of her son on his seventh birthday, posing nude with him.

The punishment is condemned all over the world
Rosamond Brown is also known as Akupem Polu in Ghana. This court ruling has been condemned around the world. It included American rapper Cardi B. The court in Accra, the capital of Ghana, found the conviction guilty of publishing obscene material and domestic violence. Last year there was a tremendous campaign against Rosemond Brown across the country, taking this photo.

Court sent to jail for 90 days
Judge Christiana Cain expressed concern at the rapid increase in child abuse in Ghana and the release of indecent material during the hearing. The judge also took note of Rosamond Brown’s plea in which he apologized, expressing his regret. The court said that since the defendants are single mothers, they will have to spend 90 days in jail.

The judge made a sharp comment in the verdict
The judge said the court was unhappy to post nude photos on social media. There is no doubt that apart from rape and physical assault, the publication of pornographic material is on the rise. Did the accused actress seek the child’s permission before posting the above photo? Did he respect the rights of the child? no he didn’t. ‘

The actress will appeal to the superior court
After the conviction, defense lawyer Andy Vortia announced an appeal to the higher court. After the conviction of this actress, people got angry on social networks. American rapper Cordy B said I had seen a lot of Americans do photoshoots. I think jail is a bit harsh punishment. He could have been sentenced to a ban or to community service on social networks.

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