Ghost attack on security guard in Colombia mayor’s office

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The “ghost” who entered the mayor’s office in Colombia attacked the security guard overnight, surprised after seeing the video on Facebook
Some places seem very dangerous and scary at night, but sometimes fear a hit even in the safest places. Generally, government offices are considered the safest, but recently an incident happened in Colombia that shocked everyone. The mayor of Colombia claimed that a ghost attacked his security guard.

Surprised by sharing the video
The mayor surprised everyone by sharing the video of the incident on social media. According to the mayor of the city of Armenia, José Manuel Rios Morales Morales, a ghost attacked his office at night. Sharing the video on Facebook, Morales wrote in the caption: “I want to share this video with you today, pointing out that as mayor, I recognize that faith has undeniable power.”

call to the people to pray
He wrote on Facebook: “We demand respect and unity for prayer. We assure you that no one can steal our peace for we are safe in the hands of our Lord. The mayor urged people to stay calm and pray to God. He said local bishops and other religious leaders would bring God’s blessings to every corner of this office to stop paranormal activity.

someone pushed the guard
In a video shared by the mayor, a guard can be seen bumping into a wall, as if pushed by an invisible force. After that, the guard begins to crawl on the ground, for which he must apply force. Some mocked the mayor and insisted the video was fake. Others have expressed support for Morales.

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