ghulam nabi azad: Ghulam Nabi Azad proud to be an Indian Muslim, knows how bad conditions in Muslim countries are – why

Ghulam Nabi Azad, bidding farewell to Rajya Sabha members today, made such a statement which is much discussed. He said that I am proud to be an Indian Muslim, given the situation in Muslim countries. He said I always thought we were very lucky. Jannat is only in India. I was born after independence, but today thanks to Google I read, see, hear that I am one of the lucky people who have never been to Pakistan. Under what kind of circumstances are there in Pakistan, I am proud that we are Indian Muslims. On the contrary, I would say today that if a Muslim in the world is to be proud, then he must be a Muslim from India. In 30 to 35 years, from Afghanistan to Iraq and for a few years, how will Muslim countries end up fighting. There is no Hindutva there, there is no Christian there, there is no other fighting. The evils in other countries are not among our Muslims.

The army is all in Pakistan, minorities in bad shape

The military is the only investigation in Pakistan. She can take power by overthrowing the democratic government whenever she wants. No one can forget how the Pakistani army hanged former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Not only that, the fear of military dictator Pervez Musharraf is still fresh in people’s minds. Not only did he declare war on India in Kargil without asking the government, but later Nawaz Sharif was removed from his post and became president himself. The situation of minorities in Pakistan is worse. There, not only are minorities seen as second class citizens, but their temples and churches are destroyed. Hindu and Christian girls are kidnapped and forced to convert.

Afghanistan has been fighting for 25 years

The situation not only of minorities in Afghanistan, but also of Muslims there is not hidden from the world. Afghanistan is already burning in the fire of civil war before the attack on Russia and America. The two superpowers of the world came to occupy this land surrounded by land and eliminate the Taliban, but the situation became such that they had to leave their mission in the middle and return. There is no faith in the lives of civilians who live in fear of IED blasts and Taliban attacks. Terrorist incidents are also on the rise in Kabul, which is considered very safe. The Taliban are not even leaving hospitals here. Meanwhile, ISIS terrorists are also planning to set up their hiding place here after being deported from Syria.

Minorities also face fundamentalism in Bangladesh

Bangladesh also appears to fail in the protection of minorities due to fundamentalist forces. A few months ago, when French President Emmanuel Macron made a strong comment on Islamic terrorism, the greatest opposition was seen in Bangladesh. Thousands of people took to the streets every day to demonstrate in many cities, including the capital Dhaka. Since 1971, a large number of Hindus belonging to a minority of this country have fled to India. The Hindus of Bangladesh, who left their home, their property and arrived in India, told the whole story of the fundamentalists there.

ISIS destroyed Syria and Iraq

ISIS, a terrorist organization that has declared itself the new caliph of Islam, has devastated Syria and Iraq. Its terrorists have written a new history of crime. He did not spare the Muslims. Not only that, the Kurdish women left out of their possession shocked the world by recounting the horror of becoming a sex slave. Muslims still live here in the shadow of bombs and bullets. The military of many countries could not eliminate these terrorists either. Syria has now become the testing center for lethal weapons for the United States and Russia. The forces of both countries fiercely attack their supporters.

Somalia is known as pirates

Somalia, the country with the largest maritime coastline on the African continent, is named after pirates. Somali thieves are so afraid of the whole region that armies from all over the world have camped in this region. If Somalia had wanted, it could have made billions of dollars because of the strategic location. Here, countries around the world would not only strengthen their presence, but also make it a gateway to Africa. However, due to the government’s failure, this country has become a new hotbed of terror.

Similar situation in the Gulf countries

The situation is not normal even in the Gulf countries. Even today, the monarchy is dominated, which is why people cannot even criticize the government. With the exception of the rest of the minority here, discrimination against women is at its peak. In many Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, women do not have the same rights as men.

Proud to be Indian Muslim, listen to Azad’s speech

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