GI BPO Advanced Outsourcing launches a new visual identity

Gi BPO Advanced Outsourcing, a subsidiary of the Italian multinational Gi Group, which offers personalized solutions for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and BTO (Business Transformation Outsourcing) is today launching its new brand identity, with which it is positioned in the sector as a benchmark company in the practice of Advanced Outsourcing.

With a new HYPERLINK “”, the brand differentiation of its four specialized divisions and the transition to a typography closer to the values ​​that define the brand; Gi BPO is renewing itself with the aim of increasing its presence and consolidating its leading position in the sector.

After more than a year of pandemic in which companies were forced to face an increasingly difficult and constantly changing environment, the practice of outsourcing has exploded thanks to the flexibility, adaptability and reduction of costs. costs that many businesses need to keep moving forward. And, despite Covid-19, the most relevant global reports predict that this trend will continue, predicting incredible growth in the sector over the next decade, from $ 300,000 million in 2021 to $ 400,000 million. in 2025.

For Luis Del Olmo, Global Practice Outsourcing Senior Director of Gi BPO, “flexibility will be the main protagonist after the Covid-19 crisis. And Gi BPO can provide it. Indeed, for Gi Group, having an advanced outsourcing line means being able to develop a more solid and lasting relationship with our customers. We aspire to become the leading company in the sector at the global level in our specialized divisions, offering the flexibility our partners need through a differentiated operating model, oriented towards results and always acting under the principle of ethical work ” .

Gi BPO, which invoiced 24 M € in Spain in 2020, has been able to revolutionize the market, focusing on operating with an innovative approach, taking responsibility for the efficiency of its activity, thanks to a model of invoicing for results.

With a presence in 14 countries and four specialized divisions – Logistics & Industry, Digital Services & Back Office, Marketing & Field Sales and Ancillary Services; Gi BPO has become one of the benchmark companies in the sector. Their differentiating approach has led them to work with loyal customers, who are committed to the company to achieve its objectives with high added value.

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