Gi Group strengthens its presence in the north with the acquisition of Grupo Norte

Gi Group completes its growth strategy and extends its coverage in the North zone, adding to its offices in Vitoria and Logroo, the delegations in Bilbao and Pamplona; while, in the North-West, it adds to its centers in Vigo, A Corua and Santander, the delegation of Oviedo

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 27 January 2021

Gi Group, the fifth largest global human resources (HR) solutions company in Europe, has announced the acquisition of the temporary employment, direct selection and training business of Grupo Norte. This operation allows the company to strengthen its presence in our country with the aim of positioning itself among the top five companies in the HR sector in Spain.

The Italian multinational, which operates in Spain through four business divisions with brands such as Gi Group, Wyser, Gi BPO and Gi Training, has entered into this growing agreement. The Group, which had nine offices in 2014 and achieved a turnover of just under 25 million euros, has managed to reach 100 million euros of turnover in turnover six years more late. Indeed, the company resulting from this operation achieved a turnover of nearly 200 million euros in 2019.

Thanks to this acquisition, Gi Group Espaa extends its coverage throughout the national territory, in particular in the North zone, where it has increased from five to eight delegations, from where it will continue to promote Gi Group’s commitment to employability. .

For Jos Luis Aguado, regional director of Gi Group for the north of Spain: “with the acquisition of the new company, Gi Group strengthens its presence in all the autonomous communities, increases its overall business volume of the company from 45% and expands its service portfolio with the integration of the training space. In addition to expanding the network of offices, Gi Group adds to its staff a large number of professionals with enormous experience in the sector. “

“For all these reasons, Gi Group is entering an exciting phase and is preparing to meet the challenges that will be presented to it in 2021, when, both in Spain and in Europe, the long-awaited economic and employment recovery and urgently be crucial, to return to the levels of development, protection and well-being of citizens. Likewise, the resulting team will aim to continue working hand in hand with our clients, taking care of and supporting our candidates. With all of this, this growth is in line with our medium-term objective of reaching 6,000 million euros in sales by 2023 worldwide ”, adds Jos Luis Aguado.

The transaction is part of the Group’s international strategy and aims to strengthen its activity in the countries where it already has a presence, in addition to setting new points of view for the future. Thus, one of the main milestones of Gi Group’s strategic plan has been completed, which aims to consolidate the growth and positioning of the company in the world without losing its essence and its values, of which the fundamental pillar is people.

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