gids shahpar ii surveillance drone: pakistan drone: pakistan gids shahpar ii surveillance drone unveiled at pakistan day parade, know all the specifications here

Pakistan presented its Shahpar II drone to the world for the first time. This drone is an improved version of Shahpar-I, which can fly a distance of 300 km. Pakistan showed this drone during the National Day Parade on March 23. Pakistani media claim that this drone can fly in the air for 14 hours. This drone was created by a company named Global Industrial Defense Solutions (GIDS) from Pakistan. Shahpar-1 was officially inducted into the Pakistani Army and Air Force for the first time in 2013 by the Pakistani Ministry of Defense. Pakistan operates a large number of these drones along the border with India. Apart from that, the Pakistani army also uses it on the border of Afghanistan. This medium range drone was developed by Pakistan in collaboration with the National Engineering and Scientific Commission.
(Pic- Asfandyar Bhittani Twitter)

What can this drone use?

Pakistan has not officially revealed the characteristics of the Shahpar-2 drone. Therefore, little information about the upgraded version of this drone is available on public platforms. However, many reports regarding its earlier version are still present. In which it was said that this drone from Pakistan can be used in surveillance, disaster relief and rescue work, reconnaissance and espionage. This is an unarmed drone, which means there is no weapon in this drone. The first version of this drone was first presented at the International Defense Exhibition and Seminar held at the Karachi Expo Center in Pakistan in November 2012. It was also presented at the Expo and of the International Defense Conference held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in February 2013.

Can fly with a load of 450 kg

The Shahpar-1 drone has a length of approximately 4.2 meters and a wingspan of 6.6 meters. Its upgraded version looks even bigger. In such a situation, it should be equipped with a fuel capacity and a lot of new equipment. This drone is able to fly with a load of up to 480 kg. However, due to its low weight, this drone would be unable to carry a missile. This UAV or drone has the ability to land and take off automatically. It can also land on a runway autonomously, with or without a parachute, according to the pilot’s instructions or without the pilot.

This drone is equipped with modern technologies in many ways.

This drone is equipped with many modern machines, with the help of which the drone can perform reconnaissance and surveillance missions even at night. It can fly with an optical payload of up to 50 kg. With the help of what field activities can be closely monitored, even at night. The machines used in this drone can perform tasks such as planning, managing and controlling missions, monitoring a particular location with precision, full mission debriefing and simulation, and real-time data transfer. . However, nowadays most of these drones are equipped with even more advanced technology. Due to which Pakistan felt the need to update the technology of its drones. It is said that its new version is equipped with many new sensors. Most were bought from China and Turkey outside of European countries.

Cannot fly in high altitude mountain areas

The Shahpar drone is powered by a Rotex 912 ULX four cylinder push type engine. Which gives this drone a power of up to 100 horsepower. The drone would be able to fly at a maximum speed of 150 km / h. However, it can only fly up to an altitude of 5,000 meters above the ground. In such a situation, it is impossible for Pakistan to use this drone in the high altitude areas of the LOC. The height of the mountains here is quite high. Or if he takes a low flight, it increases the chances of being the victim of an accident. The UAV sensor system was developed by the Advanced Engineering Research Organization. This company manufactures sensors for the Pakistani military in several ways.

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