Ginger Coronavirus: Corona virus hits ginger production in China, Christmas is fading in western countries – Coronavirus-stricken ginger production in China leads to shortage of gingerbread before Christmas

The corona virus outbreak has impacted not only people’s lives, but also the products and supplies they are owed. At this time of year when Christmas is brewing in many parts of the world, there is a shortage of ginger. In fact, gingerbread is a special part of Christmas. Due to the lack of ginger, people also cannot make gingerbread.

Production fell in China
People are not getting ginger, and the big suppliers are out of stock. However, some companies claim that this time the demand is higher because people are baking bread at home. At the same time, a big reason is that most of the ginger comes from China and because of the Corona virus there has been a drop in production in China. Also last year, production was low and this time there was a labor shortage.

Luck for other countries
Marsal Verdelan from Satori told the Fresh Plaza Food website that if people are given ginger during this time, it can gain a lot. Gabriel Bonacin of Fresh Quality says: “There has been a lack of supply from China and China is generally the biggest supplier of ginger.” Therefore, the opportunity presented itself for other countries like Brazil.

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