giorgi gakharia: Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia resigns following an arrest order from the leader of the opposition: the prime minister resigns after the arrest of the leader of the opposition in Georgia

Strong points:

Following the arrest of the leader of the opposition in the former Soviet Union, Georgia, the heckling was announced by Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, the leader of the opposition accused of inciting violence in the country , not yet in government.
There has been a ruckus since the arrest of the opposition leader in the former Soviet Union country of Georgia. After which Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia is due to resign from his post on Thursday. Gakharia said in his statement that he was resigning because his team had differences over the decision taken by the president of the United National Movement, opposition party, Nika Melia. The political crisis in Georgia worsened after the resignation of the Prime Minister.

Allegations of the spread of violence against the country
It should be noted that the court in Rajdhani Tbilisi on Wednesday ordered the detention of Nika Melia before the hearing for sponsorship of mass violence during anti-government protests in 2019. The court took this step after Melia refused to testify the deposit of $ 12,000.

If found guilty, he can be sentenced to 9 years
It is said that if Melia is found guilty he could be sentenced to nine years in prison, but he denied the allegations and called them politically motivated. According to the Interfax communications agency, Melia was also present at the party’s headquarters in Tbilisi on Thursday and the police were unable to enter the building to take her into custody.

U.S. Embassy issued statement
Amid protests in Georgia, the US embassy issued a statement urging both sides to keep the peace. In fact, the leader of the opposition party announced that if the police arrest our leader, we will oppose it. The US embassy has said that those who want to reduce Georgia’s stability support the violence. This problem must be resolved peacefully.

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