girl born with 14 fingers successful life changing surgery in china:

A girl born four years ago today in China’s Guangdong Province is the subject of much discussion these days. Indeed, from birth, this girl has 14 fingers in her hand, while their number is 13 in the foot. This girl is growing up, but because of these fingers, she has a hard time doing daily chores. Seeing the daughter’s growing problems, the family took her to the Guangzhou Helping Orthopedic Hospital.

Additional fingers were attached to the hands and toes
The parents of a 4-year-old girl named Ting Ting said their daughter had polydactyly. In this case, the patient has more than five fingers in the hand and the foot. When the doctors took pictures of this girl’s hands and feet, they also saw bones in the 14 fingers of her hand. A doctor reported that Ting Ting had two or more fingers fused together.

The name of this disease is “syndactyly”.
This is a type of deformity, which is called syndactyly in medical parlance. This girl also had seven toes on her left foot and six on her right. After seeing this and discussing the entire case study with other senior doctors, the hospital team decided to operate. After a long and complicated operation, the doctors removed the extra fingers from her hand and foot.

Extra fingers that were abnormal and deformed
Dr. Wang Xiaoli from the Plastic Surgery Department of Guangzhou Helping Orthopedic Hospital said that many of the patient’s fingers appeared short and deformed in the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint of both hands. These fingers weren’t even developed properly. He said all of those fingers were enlarged in an unusual way. These deformed fingers were enlarged next to the fifth finger of both feet.

I couldn’t even give the little girl much anesthesia
Dr Wang said that several x-rays were taken to learn the shape and position structure of Ting Ting’s many fingers. On the basis of which it was decided which finger to remove and which to leave. The girl was very young, so we couldn’t even numb her.

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