girlfriend cut lovers private part: lover’s affair with another angry wife

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Girlfriend in Taiwan cut her boyfriend’s private part with scissors. Girlfriend suspected her boyfriend of having a relationship with another woman.
In Taiwan, a girlfriend cut off her lover’s private part on suspicion of cheating. Not only that, except for the lover who moaned in pain, the woman flushed the severed private part by putting it in the toilet. The woman committed the incident while her lover was sleeping soundly. The victim’s lover was identified as Huang. The accused woman later confessed to the crime by surrendering to the police. After which he is arrested and sent to prison.

Incident after feeding noodles with alcohol
Huang, 52, was reportedly at home in Xihu County, Changhua County, Taiwan at the time of the incident. He also has three children. During this time his girlfriend came there and there was a lot of controversy between the two over a woman. Huang later fell asleep soundly after eating chicken noodles soaked in a bowl of wine.

Cut 20% of the lover’s private part
When he woke up at night he found 20% of his private part cut off. He was in severe pain from the heavy bleeding. The girlfriend who committed the incident is said to be Phung. She cut off her lover’s private part with the scissors used in the kitchen.

Rinsed by putting it in the toilet, so that it cannot be added.
The girlfriend was so angry that she threw the cut part in the toilet so that it could not be tied up during the operation. After executing the incident, the girlfriend went to the police and confessed to her crime. Police had the injured lover admitted to hospital as soon as they learned about the incident. Even after much research, his severed private part was not discovered.

Police recovered scissors clad in blood
Police also recovered blood-soaked scissors outside the house. Police said that even after excessive bleeding, the injured person was able to walk on his own. He will have to stay in the hospital for a few days for treatment. It is said that the doctors had to undergo the operation to stop the bleeding. He said the first 1.5 centimeters of the accused’s penis had been severed, although the rest of the organs were safe.

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