Girlfriend dumped her boyfriend in the lottery: her gf cheated on the same day, the man’s hand got a lottery of Rs 30 crore – a girlfriend dumped her ex boyfriend who became the lottery winner and receives huge award same day in Johannesburg

John (name changed) from Johannesburg, South Africa, was disappointed. Why John is not disappointed, his girlfriend left him. John was celebrating the loss of his girlfriend when his eyes shone with happiness. Within hours of the girlfriend’s departure, John’s lottery hit £ 3million, or roughly Rs 30million. John is now so happy after the lottery that he wants to forgive his girlfriend and give her a fridge gift.

According to a report from Eyewitness News, John became so happy after the Rs 30 crore lottery that he had to take a bath with cold water to calm himself down. Lottery winners working in the financial sector visited the National Lottery Operators’ Office on January 19 to get their reward. He won the award on January 15 and his girlfriend left him the same day.

John said, “I still can’t believe I made that much money. So far I have only been able to win 2300 rupees in the lottery. My live girlfriend just separated from me and I was in a really bad mood. Friday night I saw the result of the lottery, at that time I was alone and my girlfriend was gone. When I felt I had won, I thought I was dreaming.

He said: ‘Immediately after seeing the result of the victory I took a cold water bath and checked again after I returned. It was fair but it was bad luck for my girlfriend. John has no plans to retire even after making so much money. He said I will focus on investing and giving people. John said he will make sure that I continue to earn this money permanently and earn interest. John said I’m going to buy a fridge and washing machine for my X girlfriends and say they have no idea in their mind.

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