GitHub Introduces New Dark Theme and More News

During yesterday’s GitHub universe, Microsoft talked about GitHub. The big announcement is the new dark mode UI for the GitHub web experience. Microsoft also announced GitHub Sponsors for Business, allowing businesses to invest in their most critical open source dependencies. Let’s see all the news that has been announced.

What’s new on GitHub


GitHub Sponsors for Business: Your business can now invest in its most critical open source dependencies through PayPal or a credit card (with more payment options to come).

Improved daily experience

Dark mode: enable it in your settings today Automatically merge pull requests (# 107): when using protected branches. Deployment in the next few weeks, enabled in the Discussions repository configuration (# 104): Available now for all public repositories. Find out in the universe discussion or enable it in your repository settings today!
Dependency Review (# 80): Beta roll out in the coming weeks. Easily see which dependencies have changed in a pull request and stay safe.

Continuous delivery assistance

Environments: Protect your app, package, or website with environment-specific rules and secrets. Required Reviewers for Actions (# 99): For deployment in environments that require more control, try the required reviewers. Workflow visualization (# 88)): In addition to live logs, now display a summary of action workflows in a graphical view.

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 RC1 – available December 16

Actions (# 89): Automate development workflows, including CI / CD, now on the server. Packages (# 97): Take advantage of our hosting service for packages on your own network. Code Analysis (# 105): Run the CodeQL security analysis on every push to the repository and see the results of the Mobile Support Beta pull request (# 131): If you left your laptop in the other room, You can now log into GitHub Enterprise Server from your phone or tablet Secret Beta Analysis (# 57): Look for confidential secrets that have been confirmed in your repositories.

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