#GivingTuesday, Schneider Electric’s global donation day

For the third year in a row, Schneider Electric brought together its employees from all over the world to support #GivingTuesday, the world day of giving. Held annually, this movement encourages the generosity of individuals and organizations to support local communities and nonprofits around the world.

For Schneider Electric and its employees, this year’s event was a great opportunity to continue the work already started through the “Tomorrow Rising Fund” of the Schneider Electric Foundation. It appeared in April 2020 to support initiatives to support communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marcela Lazzari, engineer at the Schneider Energy Application Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been volunteering for ten years, and comments: “At the beginning, you want to completely change people’s reality. Then you realize that even with the smallest details you can do a great job. “

This year #GivingTuesday took place on December 1st and throughout December employees were encouraged to contribute, either as volunteers or through donations.

Employees choose with their hearts

Employees feel identified with different causes and at Schneider Electric, we are proud to support them whatever they choose so that countries and people can choose who, what and how to support in each community.

This year, the level of participation increased with employees from more than 50 countries, and despite the restrictions of the pandemic, volunteers were able to help their local communities.

It takes time to make changes

For Schneider Electric, #GivingTuesday is a global donation movement with local impact. It is about finding and taking the time to help those most in need.

“Time is a social construct,” says Begins Nkomo, systems architect at Schneider Electric, explaining why he volunteered to teach students. “I didn’t do it because I had the time, but because I looked for it … and it was worth it!”

Exchange traditional gifts for opportunities in Brazil

In Brazil, thanks to a crowdfunding event, funds were raised for 100 socially vulnerable adolescents who live near the Schneider Electric offices in Sao Paulo. The funds will go to a local NGO, CORE, which is working with Schneider to offer basic skills workshops to these young people early next year.

“This idea replaces the traditional Christmas present with future opportunities for our underprivileged young people. I am very proud of the way our employees are rallying around such an important issue: quality education for all, ”said Rafael Segrera, President of South America.

A gift matching program in the United States

Throughout 2020, U.S. employees have supported 168 charities by volunteering their time, making donations, and even signing up for payroll deductions to help education-related causes, serving charities. disadvantaged. and medical aid. The Schneider Foundation of North America has matched financial donations and provided financial donations to organizations where our employees have given of their time.

“Protective gifts and Internet access” in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Teams from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka supported eight NGOs in distributing family hygiene kits to office cleaners and mobile data packets to help students continue their education, as well as during sessions . motivational training for disadvantaged children and electricians.

Rebuilding together in Africa

Teams from Gichagi, Kenya, helped Bridge International Academy move stolen water tanks from one of its schools for underprivileged children. Lily Mugo, Executive Assistant for International Operations, is very proud of her team: “This is the second Giving Tuesday initiative that employees are participating in, and it’s very gratifying to see them give without expecting anything in return. “

In South Africa, where the restrictions have cost students a lot of training, the local Schneider team offered digital training sessions to three education partners, the College of Cape Town, East Cape Midlands College and the Cape Town University of Technology. Go to.

Finally, in Nigeria, where Schneider’s partner, Clayarts, saw its store catch fire during social unrest in October, Schneider teams donated 3,750 items to restock the retailer.

Christophe Begat, Managing Director comments: “Although this may be a small block in the reconstruction effort … we are on this path together.”

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